What Should I Be Doing for a Career? 13 Things to Follow

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Worried about your career and searching for actual answer to your question ‘What Should I Be Doing for a Career?’

 There’s no time to everything, but a process. You can be whatever you want to become at any age. There’s no particular age for becoming something or choosing a career.

We don’t always have the best career in our life at the desired age. It gets up and down somewhere. Career is something all of us give priority to. It is one of the important things on the top list. But there are certain things that you keep a track of or keep in the mind, and learn them to make the future worth living.

That is why you need to remember a lot of things in your life. Just as it is not easy to climb a mountain with a stomach popping out, career takes hard work, important lessons and experiences to reach where you want.

In this article, I have included 13 career lessons for you to remember, imbibe and implement in your life to get the best results out of it.

13 Things You Should Be Doing for Your Career

1. Learn to say yes to opportunities

Experiences make us, books don’t. Most of us are so talented, yet are not experienced which makes us less among the others. When you are given opportunities say yes to it, then learn it later on. You always learn from everybody, not just from one person or a group of people. These opportunities will teach you how to do what on its own and you will learn all of it in the process.

2. Learn to say no to what doesn’t appeal you

We often think a lot before saying a no to people and unnecessary things, yet say a yes to it in the end. A few things are not important to say yes to which we do not understand. Having an understanding of when a yes is the requirement and when it is not is also important. This will help you always go beyond and not hinder any of the steps in the process.

3. Know your priorities

We sometimes give importance to what should come afterward. We confuse real things with temporary things. Setting priority is an important factor in the success key. Sometimes we want to do a lot of things in life. All of these things cannot be done together. Each one of them has its own time.

You need to go step by step. Learn to place things on the list as per its importance in your life. Like things that you should be doing first should be at the top in the list, then another, and unnecessary ones in the end.

4. Learn to manage other things as well

Career is important definitely. Along with the career, there are certain things you need to keep up with as well. Your family, your partner, your kids and all the responsibilities other than work responsibilities you need to keep a track of. Do not forget the loved ones, while struggling for the future.

Keep going along with them and let them be a part of your journey. However, pass on some responsibility to others as you cannot do all of it together. Nobody can do all the work at the same time but keeping a track of all of it is important.

5. Know your abilities and capabilities

Examine yourself, your actions, analyze your work ethics and how much are you capable of doing anything. Know your skills, and get experience in the same. If you think you need to know the skills for the career you like, learn them. Do not let anything stop you from doing what you want to do.

6. Consult experienced person

As I mentioned in the first point that the experience is more important than the content knowledge. Before opting for anything you must know the process, how it works and how much you have to give it. All of these are necessary for you to reach what you desire. People without guidance are hardly at where they wanted to except for 10 to 5 % of them. Guidance, opinions, and experiences are important. That is what makes us a better and successful achiever.

7. Believe in your destiny

Our dreams and our targets have to be ours. Whatever you want to become or achieve, believe in it. Don’t let people decide your future. Take opinions but don’t rely on them. You will know which opinions are right and wrong. When you believe in what you want to become, the process does not get difficult. It becomes easier to achieve what we desire. It is important to believe in ourselves, in our dreams, in the destination for that is what makes us.

8. Set your limits

One cannot do all of it together as we mentioned above. Limits are meant to be set wisely. Learn the difference between the most important and least important. Also, keep control over you. Do not do things out of your control for the sake of your desires. Manage your time and other things wisely. Do not let anything get over the limit. Once the limit reaches out of the box, it gets difficult. This also includes managing time, managing work, managing family as well as your expenditures.

When you learn to do this all, you will learn how life works.

9. Accept what comes in the process

People may or may not like what you do. They are meant to talk about it. They will give you feedback which may or may not be good. You need to learn to accept all these feedbacks and learn from them. It is important to have such people who let you realize certain things in your life. This feedback will help you rise always. Do not take it as people’s jealousy for you. Take it as an advice, a suggestion and keep going.

10. Don’t overvalue appreciations

People tend to appreciate the hard work when they like what you do. At every step, you will meet people appreciating you. Do not let it become your addiction. When it becomes addiction you will not be able to take hate. Not everybody will like what you do.

These 10-20% people, who may not like your work, do not let them affect you. Train yourself in a way that appreciation doesn’t become an addiction and you stay down to earth. Check below the lifetime advice by Garyvee

11. Learn to communicate

Knowing how to communicate and where is important. People don’t know what to say when. And people don’t know how to represent themselves in front of others. There are certain courses as well that you can do like- Business communication.

12. Have more experiences to put on your resume

Degrees are important but having experiences in the field is important as well. Do as many internships you can, work under somebody, get opinions to showcase yourself on the resume.

13. Be the best at what you like the most

Whatever you like doing you must become an expert in the same. Bring it into your daily life. Learn as much as you can so you can be proud of yourself. When you know your field the best, you become the best. Most people want to do certain things and don’t know much about it. That’s not how you become successful.

Career is what we look at when it comes to serving the nation and the family. It becomes important to give the best of us to not let anybody down. And to become the best, all the above things are necessary to imbibe in ourselves. Hope we were of some help to you. You can also check similar article that might interest you –

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