What Career is Best for Me: An Ultimate Guide

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What career is best for me?

I have been raising this question until now.

And everybody else is doing the same for nobody knows that what career is best for me?

None of us have perfectly known ourselves. None of us know what is the right path to walk on.

I was, when in my tenth, I wanted to go for engineering. I was good with word, spreadsheet, presentations and blogs, but considered this hobby as my future. As a kid, I could never understand that engineering and art are two different fields.

Just because I was good with typing, using computer doesn’t describe me as a good computer user until I have interest in coding, software, bugs etc.

Well, the purpose of sharing the story is we don’t realize what we are good at. We often confuse our skills with other things. We need to go in depth of self realization. Until you yourself realize what are your skills, what are you good at, what works best for you, you cannot decide the right career path.

There goes a lot more than realizing the skills you have

What can you do to know who you are?

  • Observe yourself when you are working. This means that observe your actions, your behaviour be it in a team, solo work or in the family.
  • See what are you appreciated for. For e.g. I am good in communication. I can convince you for whatever I want from you, and you wouldn’t say a no to it I guarantee.
  • Similarly, see what you are appreciated for. When you are home what works more. When you are outside or in the school, what works more?
  • List down the things you don’t like. List down the things other likes and you wouldn’t want to do.
  • List down your strengths.
  • In case you don’t know what are your weaknesses and strengths, observe your actions every second.
  • List down what work pleases you. List down all the jobs that you wouldn’t want to do.
  • Compare the lists and ask yourself why am I interested in this work and why am I not interested in this work?

All of the above points are for self realisation. Once you get familiar with your likes and dislikes you get an idea of who you are.

Once this step is done, there comes the point what do you want from yourself and what your family would want from you?

I will give you an example. A lot of people want to pursue their career in arts such as drawings, cartoonists, painter and writer. Whereas, their family do not agree with their passion because it doesn’t have as much scope as other professions have.

A writer falls thousands plus times to build himself/herself as a writer. But a dentist requires a degree as a dentist and there he gets a job.

How your job, you profession is going to serve you or your family is what your family will look forward to.

However, people who chose art are doing as great as other professions but the scope and time requires for the accomplishment is different.

Here, you need to know whether you have to go for what you like or what the family wants you to do.

When you go with the family, it may happen that your happiness is being sacrificed. When you go with what you want to do, you stay satisfied and do every possible thing to serve your loved ones right.

How can self-realization help me know that what career is best for me? 

  • How am I with decision-making?

Observe yourself when you have to make any decision. Notice at what extent the decisions you make work. This will help you realize how you are with decision-making and who you would want to trust it with.

  • How do I respond to opportunities?

When you see opportunities what do you do? Do you say yes right away or do you take time? If you say yes then you know you love challenges. It is said whatever is offered to you take it that moment and learn how to do it later on.

In case you take time, you may be afraid of the results and raise questions as ‘what if it doesn’t work?’ When you realize how you respond to opportunities you will know how far you can take challenges and make it work.

When you get familiar with the response to different opportunities, you will know what kind of work you like to put efforts on.

  • What makes me unsatisfied?

You will come across number of subjects but which one pleases me? You may score highest in the subject that you hardly like and less in what pleases you. But that’s not how you should differentiate.

Give yourself an opportunity to learn more about the subject that you enjoy. Give it more time. Take opportunities that go with the subjects of your interest.

  • How I am in a team?

What are my actions during a team project? Do I lead? Am I democratic? Do I respect everyone’s opinion? All of these are so important to know when you are looking for a career. Because when you know yourself you will have an idea of the outcome.

  • What actions work the best for me?

Again observe yourself during a fight, check whether you are patience or impatient. Check whether you are able to solve disputes or not. How long it takes you to solve them?

  • When do people criticize me?

See if people are trying to put you down and when? Why does it make them talk about it? Should I improve? And what are the improvements?

Take opinions in such matters. The person you are gone to with the most will be able to help you with it.

  • Why the thing I like doing is not liked by people around me?
  • Will the job I want to do serve the nation?
  • What are the surrounding opportunities in regard to the work I like?
  • How do I know my personality?

Check this 16 personality tests that you may be interested in. Through these test you will know yourself better. Try to implement them in the process; you will know yourself even better.

Having an idea by raising such question make you familiar with your personality traits, your desires, your working abilities, potential and how far you can accept challenges.

However, there are number of career tests that you may be interested in. Click here to take one of them.

Do you already have a job that you don’t like?

It happens that we go for the job that pays the most in spite of knowing the work doesn’t please us. It also happens that because we don’t have enough education, degree we go for the jobs that don’t require any of these. And end up knowing that it’s not working as much as it should.

We also go for jobs just to fulfill our needs without knowing our interests.

The strongest reason for not liking the current job can be that you are not aware of your interests and look for the highest paid jobs.

People destroy their lives; families break, and stay unhappy because of the job they choose. The right job of your interest, which you think will satisfy you, will never stop you from doing it. You will be content and love adventurous ride of everyday life.

All that you can do is to know yourself. Examine yourself thoroughly. Remember no job works the best until you give your best. The hard work is all required whatever may be the job.