10 Best WFP Online Courses and Certificate Programs in 2021

10 Best WFP Online Courses and Certificate Programs -min

The World Food Programme (WFP) is an organization under the United Nations which aims to help the world overcome the problem of scarcity of food by achieving the target of Zero Hunger. By the reports of 2019, it has served 97 million people in 88 countries, with two-thirds of services provided in conflict risen areas, and has combatted problems of hunger, poverty, and sanitation on an extremely large scale.

And the World Food Programme has provided laymen the opportunity to share their knowledge with them by taking full advantage of the innovations and advancements that have taken place in technology. E-learning courses with discussion forums, chats with experts, and reading material has made it an easy option to know about the ongoing in the world through a top-level organization specializing in making this a better place to live in. If you aspire to go and get a job in United Nations then this is the right time to have an experience of that ambiance and atmosphere.

To register for the online courses and reading material provided by the WFP, create an account first on this link: https://cdn.wfp.org/nutrition/nutx/ and then have full access to these courses all year round free of cost.

List of the Best World Food Programme Online Courses

1. Nutrition and the Sustainable Development Goals – WFP Learning Platform

First on the list of 10 Best online courses offered by the World Food Programme (WFP) is Nutrition and the Sustainable Development Goals. This course is to educate people about the value of nutrition and the importance they hold in achieving sustainable development goals. Through modules, innumerable reading sources, and case studies from remote corners of the world, this course not only educates but also motivates the viewers to understand the significance of nutrition in an average human’s life.

Course Highlights

  • Learn the importance of nutrition in daily life
  • Create a link between nutrition and the sustainable development goals
  • Keeping nutrition in mind create a strategic plan for your country
  • Discover what nutrition is a cost effective programme
  • Understand the importance of sustainable goals in today’s world
  • Realise the crucialness of nutrition for the development of a country and the mankind as a whole

Duration – 1.5 hours

Eduinformer rating – 4.8 / 5

2. SCIPS Learning path – WFP Learning Platform

Supply Chain Import Parity system (SCIPS), an online course presented by the World Food Programme (WFP) talks about the import parity system and compares the reports and information at different levels- international, national, regional, local. Learn the concept of IPFs and how they work in the SCIP system. Stay up to date by knowing the latest prices of food, transportation costs, and much more. This is a very informative course with learners having a chance to interact and discuss their queries with WFP instructors.

Course Highlights

  • Know about the Import Parity System and how its system of comparison works
  • Compare the sources starting from international to local
  • Realise the full form of IPF and its significance in the functioning of SCIPS
  • Learn the challenges faced in this food importing process
  • Identify who is responsible for approving and managing IPFs
  • Be well informed of the latest food prices and transportation costs 

Duration – 2 hours 15 minutes

Eduinformer rating – 4.6 / 5

3. Nutrition-Sensitive Learning Journey – WFP Learning Platform

An online course offered by World Food Programme under the United Nations, teaches about the Nutrition-Sensitive Programme. Starting from the rising cases of malnutrition among the poor and children to the lack of awareness among people regarding the meaning of nutrition sensitive, this course covers it all and gives brand new information in a unique and interesting manner.

Course Highlights

  • Get familiar with the increasing concern over the issue of malnutrition especially among children
  • Learn through the stages of nutrition sensitive programme
  • Experience virtually through two real world cases of School Feeding and General Food Assistance (GFA)
  • Discover the plans and targets set to create awareness about Nutrition Sensitive Programme
  • Interact with top educators as well as your contemporaries to understand the concepts better and faster
  • Read and explore the various interpretations and extra material based on this topic

Duration – 55 minutes

Eduniformer rating – 4.5 / 5

4. Human Performance in UAS Operations – WFP Learning Platform

The WFP Aviation Safety Unit is making its efforts to bring the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) under the wings of the set International Aviation Standards. In 45 minutes you will be introduced and become well versed with psychology that is required to understand even in a profession such as aviation. Learning about the needs and wants of a human and how he/she behaves in order to achieve them is a highly engrossing topic that will be thoroughly discussed in this brief World Food Programme online course.

Course Highlights

  • Learn the concepts of human factors and human performance
  • Differentiate between human factors and human performance
  • Understand the psychology behind it, including its motivations and limitations
  • Introduce yourself to a pyramid of wants and desires formally called Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs
  • Apply these concepts in the aviation and its related departments
  • Engage in linking these ideas to the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations

Duration – 45 minutes

Eduinformer rating – 4.7 / 5

5. Managing the Supply Chain of Specialised Nutritious Foods – WFP Learning Platform

Sixth in line is a one-hour WFP course specializing in ‘Managing the Supply Chain of Specialised Nutritious Foods’ is an extensive course stressing the importance of Specialised Nutritious Foods in the daily routine of lives and the urgency to adopt it in our lives. Creating awareness and spreading the word about these Specialised Nutritious Foods is the main aim of this online course. The availability of numerous activities, discussion forums, and interactions makes this a very informative lecture.

Course Highlights

  • Learn the main components of Specialised Nutritious Food (SNF)
  • Discover the support World Food Programme provides to governments to promote this
  • Realise the daily nutritional requirements an average human body needs
  • Learn the nutritional value of various food products
  • Recognise the disease cause by lack of nutrition
  • See the preventions and treatments done by WFP for it

Duration – 56 minutes

Eduinformer rating – 4.6 / 5

6. Rice Fortification Learning Journey – WFP Learning Platform

This WFP online course provides a base for the grave need for fortification of food especially rice in the world right now. The deficiency of iron, vitamin A and zinc which are prevalent in the least developing countries is among the top ten diseases leading to death and this course shed light on it. Food fortification is one of the most successful strategies and these WFP modules explore this strategy in depth and enlighten people with the importance and seriousness of this course.

Course Highlights

  • Examine the main components of Rice Fortification
  • Identify ways to implement and create awareness of Rice Fortification
  • Explore the ways it has positive effects on malnutrition
  • Analyse real WFP data and draw conclusions
  • Know how it influences on demand, supply, distribution and consumption
  • Contribute your bit by providing your input on the Rice Fortification Strategy

Duration – 1 hour 23 minutes

Eduinformer rating – 4.7 / 5

7. Aircraft Acceptance into Operational Service Inspection Report – WFP Learning Platform

Aircraft Acceptance into Operational Service Inspection (AOSI) has come under the WFP aviation operation and organized an online course on the same. It teaches the base operator risk evaluation or Risk estimation process from scratch to an expert level in mere 2 hours. Computer-based learning of the mechanics of aircraft and their operations is the main area of focus. The benefits, risk and overall report of AOSI are covered in this WFP online course.

Course Highlights

  • Learn to define AOSI and understand what it is all about
  • Discover the categories and subdivisions in AOSI
  • Know extensively about each and every category in ASOI
  • Review reports with crew qualifications, licenses, and certification
  • Identify errors and mistakes and learn to correct them
  • Inspect the aircraft form an internal as well as external point of view

Duration – 2 hours 

Eduinformer rating -4.6 / 5

8. nutx FNG Asia – WFP Learning Platform

This NutX FNG Asia includes a compilation of videos and resources highlighting the topic of filling the nutrient gap in the countries and states of Asia. Nations like Cambodia, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Lao PDR, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines are discussed, and informed debates by experts are reordered in documents and presented to you by the WFP. An online reading course, WFP has provided a lot of variety in giving you the idea of the conditions in which the citizens of these countries live.

Course Highlights

  • Substantial material provided in the form of reading documents
  • Discover the conditions of these different countries
  • Read recommendations from the FNG analysis reports
  • Analyse the census conducted by WFP in the countries
  • Focus on women starting from conception to a child’s birthday, to adolescent girls to pregnant and lactating women
  • Expand your horizon and give your opinions and suggestions

Duration – 8 hours

Eduinformer rating – 4.8 / 5

9. nutx FNG Africa – WFP Learning Platform

This nutx FNG Africa course includes the reading material and data of 4 different countries of Africa namely Uganda, Lesotho, Ghana, and Madagascar. Covering different topics from dietary diversity to refugees to child growth, this WFP online course of reading is a perfect example of expanding your knowledge in learning about countries other than your homeland. People who are interested to know about the conditions of the developing countries should give this a try.

Course Highlights

  • Observe the children and their growth through imaginative reading
  • Learn about children starting from 1000 days from conception to its second birthday
  • Draw conclusions by interpreting the data recorded by FNG reports
  • Identify the difficulties and challenges rooted in these countries
  • Make your own decisions and strategies to overcome these challenges
  • Fill the nutrient gap by creating awareness about this

Duration – 5 hours 30 minutes

Eduinformer rating – 4.6 / 5

10. nutx HIV Southern Africa – WFP Learning Platform

This online course offered by WFP is a reading course that makes people aware of the HIV AIDS disease, its effects on the human body, its relationship with nutritional food, and the cases in various South African countries. Along with informing the general public about HIV, it provides activities to strengthen livelihood and the treatments that are available. It also gives a link to a website that provides data regarding the HIV – TB Emergency Response to Tropical Cyclone Idai in Sofala and its statistics.

Course Highlights

  • Learn about the HIV AIDs and the people who live with this lethal disease
  • Educate yourself by knowing about the health workers and the efforts to improve their conditions
  • Read about improving the nutritional values of food provided to patients
  • Learn the approach to strengthen the livelihood of the people of Lesotho
  • Understand the relationship between the treatment of HIV and nutritional support
  • Comprehend the concept of Nutritional Literacy

Duration – 6 hours 30 minutes

Eduinformer rating – 4.6 / 5

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