Web Development Online Courses

Web development typically refers to the coding and programming side of website production. When you learn web development, you might start out writing a simple page of HTML text and build up to creating more complex, feature-rich applications designed to be accessed from various Internet-connected devices. Examples of feature-rich web development include e-commerce websites, content management systems (CMS), and social networks. Common programming languages and software web developers may use include Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), JavaScript, PHP, Drupal, and MySQL.

List of The Best Web Development Online Courses

1. Web Developer- Open Classroom

At OpenClassrooms, we pinpoint the key skills needed for the most in-demand jobs and develop courses and diplomas to train our students in those areas. That’s why we’ve developed this six-month associate’s-level diploma in web development, which you can complete entirely online with the help of a dedicated mentor. 

Course Highlights:

  • Apply the mentality and techniques of a lifelong learner
  • Integrate a web page from a graphical mock-up in HTML5, CSS3, and Sass
  • Implement a relevant navigation structure for a website
  • Create simple animations using CSS
  • Research, analyze, and implement current SEO best practices
  • Ensure web pages are compliant with accessibility standards
  • Make websites responsive to screen sizes and compatible with different browsers
  • Change elements of a website dynamically using the JavaScript programming language
  • Develop and interact with web services with Node.js, Express, and MongoDB

Course Duration: 6 months

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2. Guided Project: Web Development w/ HTML & CSS for Beginners

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the building blocks of a website. Incredibly versatile, these coding languages provide the foundation for a website’s text styles, colors, images, and “look and feel,” known as the theme.

Web developers, software engineers, Java developers, and other IT professionals use HTML and CSS as part of their work—and you can too! In this hands-on guided project, you’ll learn six essential tasks using HTML and CSS to create and style a simple web page.

No previous coding experience is required, and by the end of the project, your experience with the basics of HTML and CSS will have you ready to explore their advanced features. Your online lab environment has everything you need to get started. Also, note that this platform works best with current versions of modern browsers.

Course Highlights:

  • Create a new HTML document that includes HTML metadata
  • Define the body of a web page by adding a body element
  • Add paragraphs and headings to a web page
  • Add images, lists, tables, and links to a web page
  • Use CSS to modify the font family and font size of HTML text
  • Use CSS to modify the colors and apply borders to HTML elements

Course Duration: 1 weeks (1 hour/week)

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3. A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development with HTML5

An understanding of HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is essential for any aspiring website designer or developer. On this two-week course, you’ll learn the very basics of HTML and HTML5 website design, the backbone of online applications and web pages.

On this course, you’ll be guided through everything you need to know about HTML, beginning by learning to create basic web pages and finishing having acquired the necessary skills to create cross-platform HTML5 applications. You’ll delve into browsers and code editing programs, equipping you with the initial tools to create a properly structured HTML document before moving on to exploring more in-depth HTML5 terminology.

Course Highlights:

  • Identify the different elements, attributes, and doctypes in HTML.
  • Describe internal and relative links, block elements, inline elements, and tables.
  • Modify table cells and columns to create an effective page layout.
  • Describe inline CSS and internal and external CSS files, meta tags, head elements, favicons, and asset pathing.
  • Create a form using input types, textareas, buttons, and dropdown menus.
  • Explain how to use HTML tags, and how to add video and audio.
  • Develop a webpage using HTML5.

Course Duration: 2 weeks (3 hours/week)

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4. Introduction to Web Development with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This course will help you discover the languages, frameworks, and tools you will need to create interactive and engaging websites from the beginning.

You will begin by learning about the roles of front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers and how they work together on development projects. Through this, you will also become familiar with the terminology and skills needed in your career as a web developer. Next, you will explore the languages needed for developing websites or applications. You will gain a thorough understanding of HTML and CSS and learn how a combination of both technologies can help developers create the structure and style of their websites. Finally, you will learn how JavaScript can make your webpages dynamic with features that include interactive forms, dynamic content modification, and sophisticated menu systems.

Course Highlights:

  • Create the basic structure of a website
  • Create format and layout for web applications
  • Enhance your website and create rich, interactive applications
  • Increase user interactivity and enhance user experience
  • Give your website a real wow factor!

Course Duration: 12 hours

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5. Programming Essentials with Python

This ExpertTrack will introduce you to the power of programming. You’ll leverage your knowledge of programming by learning the essentials of Python, one of the most easy to use – and most widely used – computer programming languages.

You’ll explore the types of errors that can occur, and find out how to troubleshoot and fix them. You’ll learn about code flows, including loops and conditions, along with sequential, conditional and branching code flows. And you’ll gain an understanding in variables and data types, symbols and operators, plus keywords and identifiers.

Course Highlights:

  • Articulate the basics of programming
  • Define and differentiate between the various types of cloud architecture
  • Identify the basics of Python for programming
  • Define object-oriented programming
  • Identify key components of visualising using Python and tools that can be leveraged

Course Duration: 12 weeks (4 hours/week)

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6. The Complete Web Developer in 2023: Zero to Mastery

Become a Fullstack Web Developer by learning the most in demand skills!  Graduates of this course are now working at companies like Google, Tesla, Amazon, Apple, Shopify, JP Morgan, Facebook + other top tech companies (…seriously). Join a live online community of over 900,000+ developers and a course taught by an industry expert that has actually worked both in Silicon Valley and Toronto as a Senior Developer and Tech Lead.

This is the tutorial you’ve been looking for to become a modern web developer in 2023. It doesn’t just cover a small portion of the industry. This covers everything you need to know to get hired: from absolute zero knowledge to being able to put things on your resume that will allow you to live the life you want. 

Course Highlights:

  • Skills that will allow you to apply for jobs like: Web Developer, Software Developer, Front End Developer, Javascript Developer, and Full Stack Developer
  • Learn modern technologies that are ACTUALLY being used behind tech companies in 2023
  • Build 10+ real world Web Development projects you can show off
  • Build a professional Portfolio Website
  • Learn best practices to write clean, performant, and bug free code + Learn to use ChatGPT as a developer
  • Master modern Web Development fundamentals as well as advanced topics
  • Work as a freelance Web Developer

Course Duration: 37.5 hours

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7. Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack And Front End

Do you want to become a web developer? Nowadays, web development isn’t one job. There is a range of technologies and career options to explore. The core responsibilities are split two ways—between front-end developers who specialize in websites and applications and back-end developers who work with servers and databases—but you can also become a full-stack developer who oversees all aspects of a project. Senior staff author Ray Villalobos also provides tips on finding training, getting hired, and maximizing your earning potential in this lucrative and exciting field.

Course Highlights:

  • Provides a map of the core technologies and advice about mastering them, complemented with the details you need to connect them to jobs

Course Duration: 1.1 hours

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8. Introduction to Web Development

This course is designed to start you on a path toward future studies in web development and design, no matter how little experience or technical knowledge you currently have. The web is a very big place, and if you are the typical internet user, you probably visit several websites every day, whether for business, entertainment or education. But have you ever wondered how these websites actually work? How are they built? How do browsers, computers, and mobile devices interact with the web? What skills are necessary to build a website? With almost 1 billion websites now on the internet, the answers to these questions could be your first step toward a better understanding of the internet and developing a new set of internet skills.

Course Highlights:

  • Able to describe the structure and functionality of the world wide web, create dynamic web pages using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Apply essential programming language concepts when creating HTML forms, select an appropriate web hosting service
  • Publish your webpages for the world to see
  • a
  • Able to develop a working model for creating your own personal or business websites in the future

Course Duration: 21 hours

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9. Web Development Course by Scaler Academy

Master programming fundamentals in Python/Java, advanced DSA, and CS fundamentals with live classes and 1:1 mentorship. Learn software and system design, including OOP principles, system design, and case studies of building real systems. Choose between FullStack or Data Engineering specialization, with intensive practical experience through real-life projects and career support.

Course Highlights:

  • Get down and deep into how HTML, CSS and JavaScript work together, and build beautiful websites in this web development course
  • Master the Fundamentals of Web Development, Web Programming, and Database Management from scratch
  • Learn how popular web frameworks like ReactJS and NodeJS are used in backend and frontend

Course Duration: Self Paced

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10. The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp

Welcome to the Complete Web Development Bootcamp, the only course you need to learn to code and become a full-stack web developer. With 150,000+ ratings and a 4.8 average, my Web Development course is one of the HIGHEST RATED courses in the history of Udemy! 

At 65+ hours, this Web Development course is without a doubt the most comprehensive web development course available online. Even if you have zero programming experience, this course will take you from beginner to mastery. 

Course Highlights:

  • Build 16 web development projects for your portfolio, ready to apply for junior developer jobs.
  • Learn the latest technologies, including Javascript, React, Node and even Web3 development.
  • After the course you will be able to build ANY website you want.
  • Build fully-fledged websites and web apps for your startup or business.
  • Work as a freelance web developer.
  • Master frontend development with React
  • Master backend development with Node

Course Duration: 65 hours

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11. Web Development Essentials Training

This Web Development bundle is ideal for you if you want to learn more about Web Development in detail. We’ve separated this Web Development package into multiple courses, covering all essential elements of Web Development. It will provide you with the skills and industry knowledge to boost your career in the Web Development field.

Course Highlights:

Course Duration: 19 hours

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12. Web Development Masterclass & Certifications

Learn What It Takes to Code Dynamic, Professional Websites and Web Apps From The Comfort of Your Own Home. Do you ever browse the internet wondering how your favorite websites were built? Facebook, Twitter, Amazon—they were all created by people who at one point in time didn’t know anything about coding. How did they obtain this knowledge? 

In this comprehensive course, I’m going to show you everything you need to know so that you can follow in these people’s footsteps. You’re going to learn how to code AND you’re going to become a certified professional from a recognized international trainer. And best of all, you’re going to have fun doing it. So many people believe that you must have a special ‘gift’ to create professional-quality, dynamic websites/web apps. I’m here to tell you once and for all that this is false. All you need to have is the desire to learn and the ability to follow instructions—that’s it! 

Our course starts teaching basic coding principles and develops your coding skills in a variety of languages from beginner through to advanced. Here it is, once and for all, a complete guide that will take you from novice to web developer. 

Course Highlights:

  • Instructor Available by Email or on the Forums
  • All Free Tools
  • Comprehensive Coverage of HTML and CSS
  • Client Side Programming with Javascript
  • Server Side Development with PHP
  • Learn Database Development with mySQL

Course Duration: 54 hours

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