Undergraduate Scholarships for Mechanical Engineering (2020)

Mechanical Engineering has been flourished as one of the most coveted streams among all technical baccalaureate degrees in the USA.

This article discusses about various popular scholarships for the related undergraduate students which can aid them financially in order to waive their fees in a successful manner.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers Scholarships

Willis F. Thompson Memorial Scholarships: ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) offers a wide range of different scholarships for mechanical engineering under graduate students in the USA.

There are three number of Willis F. Thompson Memorial Scholarships (each of which valued at $5000) which are awarded in each year to under graduate students pursuing mechanical engineering with specification of power generation domain.

Garland Duncan Scholarships: There are multiple number of Garland Duncan Scholarships (each valued at $4500) which are awarded to undergrad students enrolled in ABET accredited programs in the USA for mechanical engineering course.

The winning students are selected on the basis of several factors like leadership ability, networking potentiality, scholastic prowess, financial requirement and most importantly their contribution in mechanical engineering field of profession.

Melvin R. Green Scholarships: There are two Melvin R. Green Scholarships (each valued at $4000) which are awarded to undergrad students in the USA who are pursuing mechanical engineering stream of studying.

This  scholarship is also valid for students who are enrolled in ABET accredited colleges and who have membership under ASME body. Result transcript, essays and letters of recommendation are also required in addition to representing leadership skills and scholastic ability, in order to achieve this feat of being a recipient of this prestigious scholarship.

Hanley Scholarships: There are multiple number of ASME Foundation Hanley Scholarship (each values at $2500) for the undergrad US students who are pursuing ABET accredited undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering or allied baccalaureate programmes.

The main criteria of winning this scholarship is not like other scholarships around. It does not require the students to demonstrate their leadership skills, rather, they ask for students who are good in academics but have poor financial background which is not conducive for higher learning.

So, needy students can keep this scholarship at the top of their list of priority.

Society for Women Engineers Scholarships

Daimler Chrysler Corporation Fund Scholarships:
This particular scholarship is meant to women students in sophomore class of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering streams.

If they continue maintaining higher GPA (3.0 out of 4.0 or above) for all four years of undergraduate engineering, then SWE (Society for Women Engineers) allows to renew this scholarship for two more years i.e. for third year and fourth year respectively.

The eligibility to apply for this scholarship is restricted to undergrad US female students who are pursuing Baccalaureate degree in ABET accredited colleges only.

John Hopkins University

Charles R. Westgate Scholarships: Charles R. Westgate Scholarships are merit based scholarships offered by John Hopkins University to the undergrad students pursuing mechanical engineering studies in John Hopkins University itself in the USA.

Under this specific scholarship, an eligible student’s full annual tuition gets waived, as well as he gets a separate stipend towards living expenses for four years of undergraduate study.

The limitation for this scholarship is they are only two in number per year. And these two students’ eligibility are decided on the basis of their overall achievements and records in different relevant domains.

Illinois Institute of Technology

IIT Institutional Scholarships:Undergraduate US students applying to Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) at mechanical engineering stream, becomes eligible for this scholarships by default, if they qualify to get admission into this institution.

At the end of each year, the students are supposed to report to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions whether they are maintaining a 2.0 cumulative GPA on a scale of 4.0 or not.

If they keep on maintaining so, their scholarships for the immediate next year get renewed automatically.

IIT Fellowships and Assistantships: Undergrad US students who have already passed their Baccalaureate degree in mechanical engineering stream and are interested in pursuing masters in mechanical engineering, can apply for M.S. and Ph.D. programmes by fulfilling the eligibility criteria of fellowships and assistantship.

The main eligibility criteria is to have strong academic background backed by flourishing GPA in their under graduate programme. Each of the successful students is eligible for up to $12000 each year through the help of this scholarship.

Students applying for fellowship and assistantship are required to keep the barrier of deadline in mind. They do not have to apply for the scholarship separately.

Once they are selected for Fellowship or Assistantship programmes, they will automatically become eligible for this scholarship as well.

American Indian Science and Engineering Society Scholarships

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse Scholarships: The American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is a part of University of Wisconsin – La Crosse.

It offers this particular scholarship to both US and Indian undergrad students who are pursuing undergraduate STEM courses (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), especially mechanical engineering. 

This is a merit cum means scholarship, and it is restricted to only the members of AISES. This scholarship covers partial tuition fee waiver and partial living expenses of the eligible students.

MillerCoors Engineering and Science Scholarships

MillerCoors Engineering and STEM Scholarship: This is a popular scholarship for US students (citizens or permanent residents) having Hispanic descent who are undergoing undergraduate Baccalaureate degree in mechanical engineering and other engineering as well as science streams (STEM).

The winning students are eligible to get $3000 per year (each) which is renewable each year at the beginning of fall semesters. To renew this scholarship one must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above on the scale of 4.0.

The students should maintain full time enrollment status (12 hours) for the duration of the scholarship period. The applicants must provide two letters of recommendation and need to demonstrate ideal leadership skills.

The eligible scholars must attend Adelante’s Annual Leadership Institute in San Antonio at Texas. The sponsorship to attend this institute or any partnering university (as advised) is included along with the quantum of scholarship.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Education Foundation Scholarships

Chapter 52 – Wichita Scholarships:This particular scholarship is open for undergrad US students of various streams – manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and industrial technology respectively.

They should be having enrolled in an accredited public or private college under University of Kansas. All applicants are bound to have at least 2.5 overall GPA in a scale of 4.0.

The preference would be given to those particular applicants who are keen relative (children or direct or indirect grandchildren) of a current SME Wichita Chapter No. 52 member of a resident of Kansas.

Undergrad US students pursuing engineering baccalaureate in mentioned streams at Oklahoma and Missouri are also eligible to apply if their relatives are residents of Kansas and members of SME Wichita Chapter No. 52. Full tuition fee waiver is covered under this particular scholarship.

American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association Education Foundation Scholarships

AREMA Committee 5 – Track Scholarships: This scholarship is meant for the undergrad US sophomore students enrolled in civil, mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering curriculum who have already completed one year in college.

This scholarship pays $1000 to each student. The criteria for selection of the winning students is they should be having interest in railway engineering and they should maintain an overall minimum GPA of 2.0 in a scale of 4.0 in first two semesters.