How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python

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Title: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python

This book deals with real groundbreaking concepts, exploring different ideas, taking unconventional approaches, breaking the rules without much worrying about the syntax going wrong or unreasonable compiler mistakes. Python makes it all easy for you as it is not much a work on syntaxes.

Python comes with a large library of modules that can be used to do all sorts of tasks ranging from web-programming to graphics. You can easily focus on providing solutions to the significant problems. Python serves as an excellent foundation for introducing important computer science concepts.

Since Python fully supports procedures and classes, you can be gradually introduced to topics such as procedural abstraction, data structures, and object-oriented programming which usually comes in advanced part of many other high-level languages like C++ or Java. Python allows you see a “higher level of success and a lower level of frustration” and that hence you will be able to move faster with better results.

So devour the book if you think you can actually think and provide solutions and Python will be your favourite tool in achieving that.

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