Thermodynamics by Sanford Klein and Gregory Nellis

Thermodynamics Sanford Klein PDF

Title: Thermodynamics

Authors: Sanford Klein, Gregory Nellis

Why This Book?

The author says that this book differs from the other conventional thermodynamics books for engineers. It teaches you the techniques to solve the real world energy problem based on thermodynamics. 

The presentation integrates computer tools (e.g., EES) with thermodynamic concepts to allow engi- neering students and practicing engineers to solve problems that they would otherwise not be able to solve.

Some Other Interesting Books on Thermodnamics

Applied Thermodynamics by P K Nag

Thermodynamics by Moran and Shapiro

Schaum’s Outline of Thermodynamics

This book uses many solved examples, property diagrams and illustrations to explain every topic in depth. Similarly the book contains numerous unsolved questions at the end of chapter, which is highly important for competitive exams, for academics, keeping solved examples in min is enough.

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