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Applied Thermodynamics By Onkar Singh

applied thermodynamics by onkar singh pdf

Title: Applied Thermodynamics Author: Onkar Singh License: N/A Description: Onkar Singh is an associate professor at HBTI Kanpur – One of the renowned institutes of India. He has a great grip on thermodynamics and its applications and here in this book you will feel his excellence. The subject matter of this book covers the syllabus […]

Handbook Of Heat Transfer By Rohsenow, Hartnett & Cho

handbook of heat transfer heartnett rohsenow pdf

Title: Handbook of heat transfer Author: Rohsenow, Hartnett & Cho License: Shared by Library of Congress Description: Handbook of heat transfer by Rohnesow is one of the most searched engineering handbooks on the internet. The reason is obvious that it is written beautifully and it deliver what we expect from a heat transfer handbook. You’ll find […]

Made Easy Test Series (ii) For GATE Mechanical Engineering


Hello GATE Aspirants! GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering), being one of the most important test for the undergraduate students seeking admission into coveted educational institutions of India, needs a strategy to be cracked. In addition to proper planning and dedicated preparation, mock tests play a very important role in cracking the GATE exam. Made […]

Objective Mechanical Engineering By P K Mishra (Upkar)

mechanical engineering books pdf p k mishra upkar

Ttitle: Objective Mechanical Engineering  Author : P K Mishra Publisher: Upkar License : N/A Description: Preparing for a competitive exam or just need a quick revision for academics, you need a handbook. Isn’t it? Objective mechanical engineering by P K Mishra is one of the most popular handbooks for mechanical engineering. The reason is obvious […]

Best Books on Finite Element Analysis (PDF)


In search of best books on finite element analysis? You are at right place, here we have collected some of the best books from different sources. Before that, let me introduce you to the concept of finite element analysis. Finite element analysis of any product or physical phenomenon is done using various numerical finite element […]

Best Engineering Materials Books (PDF)


Engineering materials may be defined as raw materials for various construction and manufacturing purposes in an organized way. Existing engineering materials are also used to produce other materials for a specialized purpose. Generally, fundamental science such as structure and properties of these materials are studied at engineering level. Also, as a mechanical engineering student, we learn […]

Production (Manufacturing) Technology Books (PDF)


Production technology is one of the key branches of mechanical engineering. With increase in the demand of different products, production technology also changed proportionally. Having such a great advancement in the production of products, there is a significant reduction of human efforts and also production time is reduced by one-fourth.  In recent years, there are […]

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Books (PDF)

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has a wide range of applications today. A refrigeration and air conditioning engineer works on commercial, residential and industrial projects. They design, install and maintain refrigeration and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. No doubt, RAC engineering has a great future ahead. Studying this subject is really a fun and […]