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Production (Manufacturing) Technology Books (PDF)


Production technology is one of the key branches of mechanical engineering. With increase in the demand of different products, production technology also changed proportionally. Having such a great advancement in the production of products, there is a significant reduction of human efforts and also production time is reduced by one-fourth.  In recent years, there are […]

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Books (PDF)


Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has a wide range of applications today. A refrigeration and air conditioning engineer works on commercial, residential and industrial projects. They design, install and maintain refrigeration and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. No doubt, RAC engineering has a great future ahead. Studying this subject is really a fun and […]

Machine Design Books for Mechanical Engineering


In search of machine design books? You landed at the right place. Here we have collected all the best machine design books which are free to use. As you all know, machine design is one of the most important subject of mechanical engineering and it is a favorite subject for many of them. So, to […]

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbooks By Myer Kutz

Mechanical Engineers' Handbooks

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbooks by Myer Kutz are the most popular and widely used book by mechanical engineers. No matter, you are a student or a professional, these handbooks have been written to target every section of the mechanical engineering branch. These books are exceptionally well and very successful in delivering the subject to the targeted […]

Mechanical Engineering Handbooks PDF

Mechanical Engineering Handbooks PDF 14

In search of best mechanical engineering handbooks? You are at right place, your search is going to end here.  Handbooks are important for quick revision before any exam or interview. These handbooks contain all the subjects and all the topics in short. You will every important formula you used or going to use during your […]

The Finite Element Method: A Practical Course by G.R. Liu, S.S. Quek


Book Title : The Finite Element Method Authors : G. R. Liu and S. S. Quek File Type : PDF Book Description The Finite Element Method: A practical Course by G.R. Liu and S.S. Quek has become an important technology for the modelling and simulation of engineering systems. Written for engineers and students alike, the […]

Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design PDF

Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design PDF 26

Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design Book Description: This text is intended for students beginning the study of mechanical engineering design. The focus is on blending fundamental development of concepts with the practical specification of components. Students of this text should find that it inherently directs them into familiarity with both the basis for decisions and the […]

Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials by Mikell P. Groover

Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials by Mikell P. Groover 29

Title: Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Author: Mikell P Groover About Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials Process and Systems by Mikell P. Groover : Mikell P. Groover’s Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Materials Process and Systems is a complete package in Modern Manufacturing for undergraduate students. The reason is that every topic covered is in explained and […]

GATE Made Easy Mechanical Engineering Notes


Made Easy Mechanical Engineering Notes PDF   In search of GATE Made Easy Mechanical Notes? You are at right place, here you can get all the study materials related to GATE Mechanical as well as recommended books for GATE Mechanical preparation. Made Easy is one of the best institutes for Gate/IES/PSU Exams preparation and their […]

Engineering Thermodynamics by R K Rajput PDF

Engineering Thermodynamics by R K Rajput PDF 32

Download R K Rajput Engineering Thermodynamics PDF   About Engineering Thermodynamics by R K Rajput: Several books are available in the market on the subject of “Engineering Thermodynamics” but either they are too bulky or are miserly written and as such do not cover the syllabus of various Indian Universities effectively. Hence a book is needed […]

Frank P Incropera and Dewitt Fundamentals of Heat & Mass Transfer Book


Frank P Incropera Heat & Mass Transfer Book   ABOUT THE BOOK – Frank P Incropera is a distinguished author of many popular books worldwide and heat and mass transfer is one of them. This book was first written by Incropera, the later editions of the book are co-authored by David P Dewitt, Bergman, and Lavine. It is a […]