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Handbook Of Heat Transfer By Rohsenow, Hartnett & Cho


Title: Handbook of heat transfer Author: Rohsenow, Hartnett & Cho License: Shared by Library of Congress Description: Handbook of heat transfer by Rohnesow is one of the most searched engineering handbooks on the internet. The reason is obvious that it is written beautifully and it deliver what we expect from a heat transfer handbook. You’ll find […]

Objective Mechanical Engineering By P K Mishra (Upkar)


Ttitle: Objective Mechanical Engineering  Author : P K Mishra Publisher: Upkar License : N/A Description: Preparing for a competitive exam or just need a quick revision for academics, you need a handbook. Isn’t it? Objective mechanical engineering by P K Mishra is one of the most popular handbooks for mechanical engineering. The reason is obvious […]

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbooks By Myer Kutz

Mechanical Engineers' Handbooks

Mechanical Engineers’ Handbooks by Myer Kutz are the most popular and widely used book by mechanical engineers. No matter, you are a student or a professional, these handbooks have been written to target every section of the mechanical engineering branch. These books are exceptionally well and very successful in delivering the subject to the targeted […]