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Computer Algorithms by Horowitz, Sahni


Title: Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms Author: Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, S Rajasekaran Book Description: When we count contribution of computer science to the world,  we can not miss the concept of algorithm. It has given computer science a right direction to grow and follow, today almost in every field, from minor to major, algorithms is […]

Parallel Algorithms


Title: Parallel Algorithms Authors: Henri Casanova, Yves Robert, Arnaud A Legrand License: N/A Why this book? First of all, if you nothing about “Parallel Algorithms”, here I am telling you in brief. In the field of computer science, we have mainly two types of algorithms, i.e. traditional algorithms and parallel algorithms. In traditional algorithms,  we […]

Algorithms in the Real World: Lecture Notes


Title: Algorithms in the Real World: Lecture Notes Author: Guy Blelloch License: N/a Why you should read this book? In programming, Algorithms teach you what steps to take and how to reach the ultimate goal. It is a well-defined procedure to build any great programs and it acts like building block. This lecture notes cover fundamentals of algorithms […]

Algorithms and Data Structures – The Basic Toolbox


Title: Algorithms & Data Structures Author: Kurt Mehlhorn, Peter Sanders License: N/A Why This Book? You are a programmer or you have a dream of seeing yourself a good programmer  in future? Right? Then, algorithm and data structure are the things, that definitely going be a promising friend of yours. If there is programming, there exist algorithm and […]

Clever Algorithms – Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes

Clever- Algorithms-Nature-Inspired-Programming-Recipes

Title: Clever Algorithms Author: Jason Brownlee License: CC 2.5 Sharealike Book Description: Author wrote: Welcome to Clever Algorithms! This is a handbook of recipes for computational problem solving techniques from the fields of Computational Intelligence, Biologically Inspired Computation, and Metaheuristics. Clever Algorithms are interesting, practical, and fun to learn about and implement. Research scientists may be […]

The Notes for the Course of Algorithms by David Mount


Title: The Notes for the Course of Algorithms by David Mount Authors: David Mount License: N/A Description: The Notes for the Course of Algorithms by David Mount has its focus on how to design good algorithms, which is about the mathematical theory behind the design of good programmes. The book also gives a good understanding and […]