Strength of Materials Book by R K Bansal

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Author: R K Bansal

Why This Book?

Strength of Materials by R K Bansal is yet another popular book in the engineering books segment. For many undergraduate engineering students, this book is the first choice when it comes to strength of materials subject.

The simple reason of being a popular book among by an Indian writer is its easy language to make student understand the subject matter. This book covers almost all the topics being taught at an undergraduate level in Indian engineering colleges.

With good number of exemplary problems and point to point cleat subject matter, this book is worth to read.  Check all the topics covered in the Strength of Materials eBook below.

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Topics Covered:-

  • Simple Stresses & Strains
  • Principal Stresses And Strains
  • Centroid & Moment Of Inertia
  • Bending Moment & Shearing Forces
  • Bending Stresses In Beams
  • Combined Direct & Bending Stresses
  • Shearing Stresses
  • Deflection Of Beams
  • Fixed And Continuous Beams
  • Thin Shells
  • Thick Shells
  • Riveted And Welded Joints
  • Torsion Of Circulars & Non Circular Shafts
  • Springs
  • Strain Energy & Deflection Due To Shear & Bending
  • Columns& Struts
  • Analysis Of Framed Structures `
  • Theories Of Failure
  • Stresses Due To Rotation
  • Bending Of Curved Bars
  • Unsymmetrical Bending & Shear
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Switch to hard copy of books and utilize your potential efficiently and with more confident.

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