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Title: Steam Table (S I Units) 

Author: R S Khurmi

Why Steam Table By R S Khurmi?

If you are a mechanical engineering student, you must be knowing very well the importance of its data.

For solving numerical questions in thermodynamics and other related subjects, specific volume, enthalpy, entropy and other data must be kept handy to solve the question fast and accurately.

Steam table by R S Khurmi also contains the mollier chart at the end of the book and all the data is present in S I unit.


  1. Rules for S.I. Units  

  1. Introduction to Steam Tables 

  1. Saturated Steam Tables (Temperature) 

  1. Saturated Steam Tables (Pressure) 

  1. Specific Volume of Super-heated Steam 

  1. Specific Enthalpy of Super-heated Steam 

  1. Entropy of Super-heated Steam 

  2. Mollier Chart 

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NOTE: Steam table & Mollier chart is allowed to carry in the exams of the subject in which it is needed. BUT you can’t carry it in mobile i.e. in PDF format.

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