5 Best SolidWorks Online Tutorials Websites and YouTube Channels

Solidworks Online Tutorials

If you’re looking for the best SolidWorks online tutorials, you’re at the right place.

Online tutorials are the new way of disseminating practical knowledge to a large mass through the internet. Now no physical presence is required, a virtual presence of the experts or professionals on your devices is enough to give and take knowledge.

Online tutorials give a chance to learners to learn online courses at their own pace and if needed, then repeatedly watch tutorials to rectify any confusion they have.

Solidwork is a well-known software that has a larger user base than any other 3D CAD package. This great software allows designers to sketch their ideas, produce detailed drawings of models, experiment with different dimensional features. It has a wide scope and can be used for a variety of purposes in different fields such as the automobile industry, sports, fashion and design industries, and so on.

The Parts are the basic building blocks of this mechanical design automation application, where a 3D design approach is used to convert 2D drawings into 3D models or 3D assemblies. Designing models through SOLIDWORKS will give you a concrete idea of how the model looks in three dimensions when manufactured. Any change is made in any part that will alter the whole model.

Solidworks Online Tutorials

There is a large range of Solidwork tutorials available online for all kinds of learners, whether you are just a beginner or an advanced user of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD but still, there is a lot more to explore and learn about SOLIDWORKS. When your self-paced learning of Solidwork tutorials pair up with instructor-led learning that gives you the best result and makes you a proficient user of SOLIDWORKS CAD.

5 Best Solidworks Online Tutorials

Here is a list of the 5 best Solidwork tutorials available online to help you learn Solidwork software. These tutorials are often short in duration and suitable for all levels of learners such as beginners, intermediate, advanced learners as well as experts.


Skillshare is an online learning community that offers thousands of tutorials on different topics for creative and curious people. Skillshare offers a set of courses for learning Solidworks and its basics. These Solidworks online tutorials are a good source of learning Solidworks and 3D CAD for beginners as well as professionals.

Through these tutorials, Experts impart stepwise knowledge of using Solidworks tools for better understanding. On Skillshare every course contains projects for practical knowledge of designing and for making learners acquaint with professional-level project works.

A list of a few free as well as premium Solidworks tutorials available on Skillshare for all levels of learners and users:

For beginners level learners

For Intermediate level learners/users:

For Advanced level learners

Check out this link for more free Solidworks online tutorials on Skillshare.

2. Solid Professor

Solidprofessor offers a good range of SOLIDWORKS Training Courses, which provides tutorials for learning basics to advanced techniques of Solidworks. These self-paced courses cover thousands of videos and tutorials on a variety of Solidworks topics such as 3D modeling, sheet metal, simulation, advanced assemblies, SOLIDWORKS certification, and more.

After taking a subscription you can access the Library of Solidworks tutorials, hand-on exercises, and downloadable files.

Here are the best SolidWorks online tutorials or courses on Solid Professor.

Check out the link for more online SolidWorks tutorials at Solid Professor.

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LearnSolidWorks.com helps you to improve your SOLIDWORKS modeling skills by developing practical knowledge through step-by-step SOLIDWORKS tutorials.

This website contains 9 Solidworks eBooks and 4 premium SOLIDWORKS tutorial packages which disseminate great amounts of knowledge to intermediate and advanced learners and user. Some eBooks and SOLIDWORKS tutorials are free and the rest are premium packages. Here are some free eBooks and a series of tutorials available to teach you how to model an entire product from scratch in a practical way.

Check out the link for more online tutorials for SolidWorks on learnsolidworks.com :

4.SolidWorks Tutorials

SolidWorks Tutorials is a step-by-step guide that is specially made for beginners and advanced users. It offers easy-to-follow tutorials with screenshots of each step to make it easier to learn and use Solidworks.

All available tutorials of Solidworks are arranged in a categorical manner under different heads which makes the selection of the right tutorials more convenient and easy for learners. Below are few tutorials of Solidworks available on SolidWorks Tutorials of each category:

Solidworks tutorials:

Solidworks 3D design:

Solidworks Software:

Check out this link for more online tutorials on SolidWorks:

5. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning platform that offers the best online Solidworks courses and tutorials for all levels of learners. These online tutorials are created and curated by experts that provide in-depth practical knowledge about various Solidworks tools and tricks and make you a proficient user of Solidworks.

This is a paid tutorial platform where after subscription you can access exercise files and other downloadable resources that help you to add more knowledge about Solidworks uses. After completion of the course, they also provide certificates.

For beginners level learners/users there are two latest certifications are available:

Check out the link for more SolidWorks online tutorials:

Best YouTube Channels for Solidworks Online Tutorials

YouTube channels are also a great source for absolute beginners as well as advanced learners to learn Solidworks and 3D modeling. Here are some YouTube channels which let you learn Solidworks and 3D modeling in a few simple steps.

SolidWorks Tutorials

This YouTube channel allows beginners to learn this user-friendly software and its tools in a very simple way. It breaks down the learning process into small segments from sketching to 3D assemblies which help you to learn Solidworks at your own pace with great understanding.

Watch SolidWorks tutorials on YouTube

Solid Solutions

Solid Solution is another youtube channel that leads your path of Solidworks learning in an effective manner. These tutorials help beginners to give a powerful start of Solidworks from basic sketching skills and lead you to expert design skills.

Check out this YouTube link to watch Solid Solutions SolidWorks online tutorials.

Solidworks is a solid modeling software that helps us in designing 2D sketches or drawing as well as 3D models of solid objects. It also acts as a formatting tool that helps in modifying models for better results.

The experts created and curated content of these tutorials with the motive that in lesser time people can learn more through tutorials. The above-enlisted Solidworks Online Tutorials – an effective way of making learners more proficient users of Solidworks.