10 Best Software Testing Online Courses and Certifications in 2023

10 Best Software Testing Online Courses and Certifications

Are you interested in Software Testing Online Courses? 

“Software development is technical activity conducted by human beings.”~ Niklaus Wirth. 

In today’s technology-dependent world software has the power to create the greatest solutions to solve any problem that could possibly arise.  This is a software-powered world where software holds great value.

Software development has gained more popularity nowadays and so has software testing.  Software testing can be understood as a method to check if the actual software product designed matches the expected requirements for which it was designed or not and to check the quality and test if it is error-free.

10 Best Software Testing Online Courses + 1 Bonus

If you are a beginner and a software enthusiast, here are some of the best software testing online courses that are definitely worth your time and effort.

1. Introduction to Software Testing- Coursera

This course provides an understanding of the fundamental principles of software testing and the processes of the same. This course, which is a part of software testing and automation specialization, is primarily focused on learners who are interested in roles like- Software engineer in test, test automation engineer, Software developer, programmer, and computer enthusiast. It is a self-paced, 100per cent online course offered by Minnesota University. You’ll learn the following from this course-

  • Actively create test cases and how to run them by using automated testing tools
  • Write and recognise good test cases, including input data and expected outcomes
  • Gain understanding of theory of testing
  • Variety of quality intent, including defect finding, code coverage and statistical testing
  • How to develop test plans to guide the testing stage of software development

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2. Rest API Testing (Automation) from scratch- Rest Assured Java- Udemy

The Rest API Test Automation course will cover topics from basics to masters with lots of real-time examples and is a top-rated course being offered online. This course teaches everything around the topic from scratch level, making it perfect to be pursued by beginners. As a student doesn’t need to have any prior API Testing experience, even non-programming candidates can take up this course with ease.  With over 20 articles and downloadable resources, there is also lifetime instructor support along with downloadable materials and codes. There are close to 25 hours of videos on demand.

Course Highlights:

  • Complete knowledge of Rest API Automation  testing
  • In-depth understanding of Rest API Automation
  • Designing and implementing a structured API Automation Framework
  • Using Rest Assured with real-time examples
  • Additional knowledge on generating good client reports for execution of API Test Results.

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3. Selenium Web Driver with Java- Basics to Advanced- Udemy

Rated as the best seller and #1 Master Selenium Java course, this course has close to 5 million students learning worldwide. This course is uniquely designed and well structured to cover all concepts and is delivered with a good presentation. A selenium web driver is a tool used to automate the web-based application testing so that it can be verified if it’s performing as expected. The course teaches how to operate a web framework that permits the execution of cross browser tests. Along with full life-time access and certificate of completion, this online course also provides downloadable resources and reference articles.

Course Highlights:

  • Be able to design Data Drive and Hybrid Automation Frameworks, Page Object, from the very scratch.
  • Gain in-depth understanding of Maven, Ant, Log4J, Cucumber, HTML, Excel API etc
  • Complete knowledge of the real time selenium challenges with examples
  • Additional knowledge to understand Mobile Testing Database testing and Performance testing with Selenium
  • Learn how to verify data integrity by using the application
  • Deeper understanding of Automation guidelines and code quality standards

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4. GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer And Cloud Architect Guide- Udemy

This course offers knowledge on complete Google data engineering and guide on Cloud architecture. It has been specially curated for the Udemy business collection. Being a 100% online course, it is a self-paced one. With over 25 articles and 48 downloadable resources, this course can be accessed at any electronic device. A certificate of completion and full lifetime access is what this course comes with.

Course Highlights:

  • How to Deploy and Manage Hadoop apps on the Google Cloud
  • How to build deep learning models on the cloud using Tensor Flow
  • How to make informed decisions about VM, Containers and AppEngine
  • Learn how to use big data technologies such as Data Flow, BigTable, Apache Beam and Pub/Sub

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5. Software Testing And Automation Specialisation- Coursera

If you’re looking for a course that will prepare you to plan and perform effective testing of your software, then this course is for you. Beginners to intermediate software developers who are seeking to develop skills in implementing testing techniques and build knowledge on testing tools can take up this 100% online course and earn a shareable certificate.

Course Highlights:

  • Develop skills in Software Testing. Practice and master theory
  • Learn the techniques and tools to effectively test software.
  • Distinguish between validation and verification along with understanding the key differences between them.
  • Carry out Mutation testing to measure the fault-finding effectiveness of a functional test suite.
  • Learn how to create pre-conditions for methods to facilitate formal proof of correctness.
  • Defend program correctness through the use of formal methods, with the use of specific tools of model checking and proof obligations.
  • How to write automated functional tests for both front-end and back-end code.

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6. Software Testing Foundations: Test Planning- LinkedIn

Sixth in the list of the best software testing online courses, this course offers an understanding of the most fundamental aspect of Software testing which is Test Planning. The entire planning process is finely stepped by the course instructor for facilitating ease of understanding. The course is strategically covered in four modules-

  1. Evaluating a Test product
  2. Designing a Test Plan
  3. Communicating Results
  4. Conclusions

Course Highlights:

  • The foundational knowledge needed by testers to launch a successful test of a new software application.
  • The step-by-step process starts from evaluating a product to authoring a plan to preparing and delivering results.
  • Defining the scope and execution of these tests while keeping in mind the size and impact of a product release
  • How to design a test plan
  • How to perform Test planning and software testing

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7. Software Testing Foundations: Test Preparation- LinkedIn

Learn the many ways that your preparation for a software test ends up impacting your overall results with this course. Complete this fully online course at your own pace and earn a shareable certificate that will not only enhance your knowledge but also add value to your resume. This course offered by LinkedIn is perfectly suited for beginners and is divided into the following five parts-

  1. Fundamental of preparation
  2. Alpha Testing
  3. Beta Testing
  4. Delta Testing
  5. Conclusion

Course Highlights:

  •  How to review the various phases of testing
  • Learn about the different ways to prepare for alpha, beta, and delta testing.
  • Understand the importance of reviewing the mundane details that you might do every day but goes unnoticed and rarely think about.
  • Acquire skills in software testing and Test Preparation

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8. Software Testing Foundations: Test Management- LinkedIn

This course covers the techniques which will help you move a new software application from a prototype to full release and how to ensure a quality product is delivered. Acquire skills in Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Test Management by undertaking this course and obtain a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the course. Timed a little over an hour, this course is divided into 4 modules and is a great way to add value to your CV.

Course Highlights:

  • What are the possible unknown issues in software testing
  • How to identify and deal with unpredictable results of software testing
  • How to deal with matters not laid out in the test plan
  • What happens when a product stops working and how to deal with it

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9. Web And Mobile Testing with Selenium- Coursera

Careful prioritization of testing effort and rapid execution through automation is vital as modern applications deploy new versions and features at a fast pace. This course, therefore, focuses primarily on the techniques and methods for testing such applications.

Course Highlights:

  • Build a solid foundation in web and mobile testing principles
  • Gain the ability to use the testing framework to automate test execution
  • Techniques and methods for testing the updated versions of modern applications
  • Know the touch points that modern applications have with their users through web-based applications and mobile platforms.

This course is structured in the following manner:

  1. Introduction to Web and Mobile Testing
  2. Functional Web Testing
  3. Non-functional Web Testing
  4. Mobile testing
  5. Insights into the difference testing for mobile versus web

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10. QA Testing with Agile And JIRA- From Beginner to Expert- SkillShare

Learn everything about Software Testing, Agile, Automation concepts, JIRA, and much more in detail by undertaking this course. Become a training specialist by completing this course in 7-8 hours and get job-ready with the certificate. With lots of practical examples, this course helps in learning things practically.

Course Highlights:

  • Know the different types of testing and understand each one in detail
  • Learn what is software testing and its definition
  • Know about the basics of automation and understand the concepts of the automation framework
  • Know the objectives, terminologies, principles and models of software testing
  • Understand the software testing lifecycle in a detailed manner
  • Learn AGILE and JIRA

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11. Black-Box And White-Box Testing- Coursera

This course is eleventh on the list of Software Testing Online Courses and offers learners an understanding of different popular White-box and Black-box testing techniques. This understanding will help in creating effective sets of test cases/suites to execute defect-finding software when put into use practically. This course is a part of the Software Testing and automation specialization. This is a 100 per cent online course that can be taken up at your own pace and also awards a completion certificate.

Course Highlights:

  • Become familiar with testing terminologies
  • Examine requirements for testability
  • How to create an oracle for automated testing
  • How to assess the fault-finding effectiveness of test suites and generated inputs using a variety of techniques.

Learners are expected to have familiarity with the software development lifecycle and processes. If you are someone looking for roles like Software Developer, Programmer, Software test engineer, test automation engineer, then this course is definitely worth your time.

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