Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) – Updated List with Review

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Since the SAT test score has become synonymous with Undergraduate admissions in the US and Canada, the fuss about scoring well in this examination has gradually increased.

Most of the reputed colleges consider SAT scorecard as a major factor for the approval of admission applications.

You can’t treat all standardized tests the same way. What separates this test from others is the fact that it evaluates students on the basis of their reasoning skills rather than their academic performances so far.

Here are some of the best books we recommend to ace the new SAT.

6 Recommended Books for SAT Preparation

1. Kaplan – 8 Practice Tests for SAT

Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) - Updated List with Review 1

This book has questions of all sections, writing, and language; Math section, and evidence-based reading questions. The book provides guidance for the students to understand their level of preparation and guide them to improve their performance.

2. SAT Prep Plus 2021

Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) - Updated List with Review 2

This book is composed of 1400+ practice questions. It has 5 full-length practice tests and video tutorials. One can also have online access to study material for a period of one year. The book also has tips and tricks to solve the questions.

3. Barron’s Educational Series

Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) - Updated List with Review 3

It is one of the leading publishers of study materials and guides. It can be a good choice for students who intend to prepare for SAT test. Barron’s New SAT, 28th Edition 2017, and Barron’s Reading Workbook are popularly followed for SAT.

The students can find instructions and guidelines for writing the essay section. It also has a compiled dictionary. Students can develop their vocabulary with the help of vocabulary flashcards and incorporate words in day-to-day life and improve language skills.

4. SAT prep Black Book

Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) - Updated List with Review 4It is one of the renowned books which is being followed for SAT, it has been updated recently. Now the book is according to the updated pattern, the SAT black book can be followed for the tricks and strategies to be followed for clearing the examination.

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The book presents questions and analyses considering the perspectives of the College Board. It helps students prepare for different types of SAT questions. Students who are thorough with this book can solve even the hardest questions which can appear in SAT. 

5. The Princeton Review

Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) - Updated List with Review 5

Princeton’s preparation material helps students with solutions and logical understanding to solve the questions quickly. Here are the best-selling study materials of Princeton

  • New SAT Premium Edition
  • Princeton 500+ Practice Questions:

This book gives an introduction to SAT and contains mock test questions which are likely to appear in the upcoming SAT. Each mock test question will have a solution in a step-by-step easy to understand format.

The updated study material has helped students to understand the revised pattern and prepare for the upcoming test. There are mock tests for each section with solutions for all. This book comes in a user-friendly language.

6. Practice Tests for the SAT – Vibrant Publishers

SAT Practice Tests

There is more to improving your SAT score than your knowledge of English and mathematics. Preparation for the style of questions and the pace of the exam is just as critical for an optimal score.

This book provides FIVE FULL-LENGTH TESTS that include 770 Practice Questions, with detailed explanations for all questions. The practice tests will improve the student’s familiarity with the SAT, providing the following:

  • Familiarity with test format means time saved that can be applied to the test questions.
  • Knowledge of test question styles minimizes confusion, saves time, and improves accuracy.
  • Practice test results show areas where the student needs additional review.

Students who practice the SAT are better prepared and have less stress during the test. Maximize your score through preparation

Over to You:

With practice and hard work during high school education, one can easily get through this test. Follow the latest edition of guides and mock test papers available in the market and also which are available online.

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SAT is becoming increasingly challenging these days with the type of questions and the language used. There is no defined syllabus but you can expect questions of pattern available in the mock test.

The key to success is solving as many mock test questions as possible within the specified time frame. Try to grasp the concept, not memorizing things only. The test is all about the language and problem-solving skills of the candidates.

We understand how difficult it can be to ace a standardized test like SAT.

Therefore, here we’ve compiled a list of few techniques to help you get in the form before you get yourself on this giant test wheel.


There is nothing which can actually prepare you for a test than the test itself! Test-taking ‘endurance’ is a real thing, and you wouldn’t really appreciate your ‘THE DAY’ to be your first time.

Get yourself enrolled in weekly full-length, time-bounded sample tests, evaluate your progress and know where you stand regularly.


It’s wise to know what you’re getting into. Know about the test pattern, time and questions limit, and also their order of difficulty.

Not every question in the booklet deserves the same amount of time. Be prepared for what to expect. (Read Number 8)


Develop a habit of reading unfamiliar and boring topics as well. Read well, and try to judge the author’s argument.

Look up for the new words. These hacks will get you to number 4 and 5.


Not every word in the dictionary is used for the test. SAT has a pattern of words which are used frequently, and you need to understand and prepare yourself for the same.


It might be optional, but you would certainly wish to take it to stand out in the crowd.

Planning, writing and proofreading, all in 50 minutes is a huge task; therefore you need to be smart enough to know that prompt will certainly touch the issues like justice, honesty, success, and failure or importance of learning from mistakes and value of knowledge.

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Here, you aren’t allowed to share your own opinions. The major requirement is to understand the argument and critique it with appropriate facts from the history, literature, current affairs or personal experience.

Test runs will help you brainstorm the exact outlines, ideas, familiarize you with subject vocabulary and get to decide your time breakdown.


Consider it your best friend the whole period of preparation and test. It saves your time and prevents unnecessary errors.

Get more in touch with calculator tricks and to solve heavy equations in one go. Anything you practice today will increase your chances to survive that score!


Master yourself in basic mathematics formulas to save your time looking for some in the provided booklet. Enough said.


Multiple choices don’t make it any easy but give you leverage in certain areas. For instance, you can hit and trial the options for math’s equation.

Also, you can eliminate the options from grammatical portion based on the errors.

The difficulty level is in the order of increasing for every section. Therefore, the obvious answers for the initial questions are more likely to be correct, while the exact opposite case is with the last few questions.

We recommend, hit the easy questions first and save the time for later.


Second guessing usually puts you in critical condition. Trust your Instincts. The first answer you chose is most likely to the correct.

Do not change it unless you have found evidence that it was incorrect.


Although SAT isn’t some intelligence test, however, strategies and concepts take time to develop.

Start preparing months before the examination to save your stress for some other day.

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