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Best Prep Books for the New SAT (2020-2021) – Updated List with Review

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SAT is a test to assess knowledge of the students on high school subjects which play an important role in higher studies. If you are thorough with the subjects of high school, it will be easy for you to prepare and succeed in SAT test. 

SAT has undergone major changes in the recent past. It has now two sections Mathematics and Evidence-based Reading and Writing. Each question will have 4 multiple choice questions. Essay writing has become optional now.

And the good news is ‘no negative marking’!

Reading Test: Reading test is all about understanding the given topic.

Some tips for solving reading test question:

  • Maybe two passages can be linked with each other, Science passages
  • Interpret data based on the graphs and charts
  • Topics from world literature
  • US founding document or Global conversation

Mathematic: The subject covered in this topic is arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and some other topics that you studied in 11th and 12th standard.

These are some of the best books available to ace the New SAT.

  1. Kaplan 8 practice tests

This book has questions of all sections, writing and language; Math section and evidence based reading questions. The book provides guidance for the students to understand their level of preparation and guide them to improve their performance.

  1. Kaplan SAT Premier 2017 with 5 Practice Tests

This book is composed of 1400+ practice questions. It has 5 full length practice tests and video tutorials. One can also have online access to study material for a period of one year. The book also has tips and tricks to solve the questions.

  1. Barron’s Educational Series is one of the leading publishers of study materials and guides. It can be a good choice for students who intend to prepare for SAT test. Barron’s New SAT, 28th Edition 2017 and Barron’s Reading Workbook are popularly followed for SAT.

The students can find instructions and guidelines for writing the essay section. It also has a compiled dictionary. Students can develop their vocabulary with the help of vocabulary flash cards and incorporate words in day to day life and improve language skills.

  1. SAT prep black book:

It was one of the renowned books which were being followed for SAT, but it has not been updated since 2013. Although the book is not according to updated pattern, still the book can be followed for the tricks and strategies to be followed for clearing the examination.

The book presents question and analyses considering perspectives of College Board. It helps student prepare for different types of SAT questions. Students who are thorough with this book, can solve even the hardest questions which can appear in SAT. 

  1. The Princeton Review  

Princeton’s preparation material helps students with solution and logical understanding to solve the questions quick. Here are the best-selling study materials of Princeton

  • New SAT Premium Edition
  • Princeton 500+ Practice Questions:

This book gives introduction about SAT and contains mock test questions which are likely to appear in the upcoming SAT. Each mock test question will have a solution in a step-by-step easy to understand format.

The updated study material has helped students to understand the revised pattern and prepare for the upcoming test. There are mock tests for each section with solutions for all. This book comes in a user friendly language.

Over to You:

With practice and hard work during high school education, one can easily get through this test. Follow the latest edition of guides and mock test papers available in the market and also which are available online.

SAT is becoming increasing challenging these days with the type of questions and the language used. There is no defined syllabus but you can expect questions of pattern available in the mock test.

The key to success is solving as many mock test questions as possible within the specified time frame. Try to grasp the concept, not memorizing things only. The test is all about the language and problem solving skills of the candidates.

All the best for the upcoming SAT.

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