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R F Craig’s Soil Mechanics eBook

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Title: Soil Mechanics by R F Craig


About Soil Mechanics by R F Craig:

Soil Mechanics by R F Craig is written primarily to serve the requirements of the undergraduate civil engineering and geological sciences students, in the adequate depth of the elemental principles of soil mechanics. The understanding of those principles is taken into account to be a vital foundation upon that future sensible expertise in soils engineering are often engineered. The selection soil and material involves a part of non-public opinion however the contents of this book ought to cowl the requirement of most college boy courses to honors level.

R F Craig’s Soil Mechanics includes comprehensive types of worked examples and issues set for resolution by the scholars to consolidate understanding of the elemental principles and illustrate their application in simple practical situations. The Systeme International d’Unites of Units (SI) employed throughout the book. An inventory of references is enclosed at the end of every chapter as associate degree aid to the additional advanced study of any topic. it means additionally that the book can function a helpful supply of reference for the practicing engineer.

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Topics Covered:

Basic Characteristics of Soils


Effective Stress

Shear Strength

Stresses and Displacements

Lateral Earth Pressure

Design of Earth-Retaining Structures

Consolidation Theory

Bearing Capacity

Stability of Slopes

Ground Investigation

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