The Quest for Artificial Intelligence


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Book Description :

This book majorly quenches the thirst of a reader who wants to know how artificial intelligence as an idea took birth and how was it propagated. It takes us to the history of AI where it was initially conceptualized in the minds of philosophers in the eighteenth century.

Consisting of total 33 chapters,  it reveals the science behind intelligence systems and robots being created in the modern world. It makes you familiar with the AI technologies and terms like cognitive science, deep learning, neural networks and humanoids. It takes the help of illustrations and diagrams to explain how AI works which is quite easy to grasp.

It takes you on a journey from the era when AI was touted as a myth and a tool to forge God to the technological advancements man has done in this field by incorporating AI in face-recognizing cameras, speech-recognition software, Internet search engines, and health-care robots.

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