Python Developer: Career, Job Profile, Skills, Salary and Learning Resources

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you might have heard of Python.

In the tech world, learning Python can be compared to learning your ABCs in kindergarten. Python is one of the ways to create computer programs. In simple terms, it is a programming language, used to write instructions for software.

Python has near universal application, at least at the basic level.

Why should you care?

One of its unique features is that it is open source. It is freely available and can be modified and redistributed by the one who writes the code.

It is a high level language, but at the same time it the most suitable one for beginners. It is easy to create code in this language.

Python code can run on most computers.

It also takes less time to both write and run than some other programming languages on the market.

Brief History

Python was created in the year 1991 by the Dutch programmer Guido Van Rossum. Since then, it has found innumerable applications in fields as diverse as game development, scientific programming and web development.

Today, it is one of the top five programming languages in the world. Famous organizations like Google, Wikipedia, NASA, Quora, YouTube, Mozilla Firefox, Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, IBM and CERN use Python.

Job Profiles in Python

Python is well on its way to becoming one of the most in demand skills employers will expect.

Some of the work profiles where Python plays a major role are:

Software engineer – developing software and includes its maintenance, testing and assessment.

Data scientists – Similar to data miners, data scientists study data using scientific methods, algorithms and systems and use it get an understanding of the data.

Hadoop platform – Another open source platform, it is used for processing of very large data sets. Hadoop is used in data storage, processing, governance and security.

SQL Database – Another programming language used in database management systems.

Business Analyst – Using technology to analyze all aspects of a business, suggesting and implementing solutions to create cutting edge business advantage.

Machine learning – A key component of artificial intelligence, it focuses on creation of algorithms with self adaptability which can analyze whenever faced with fresh data.

Full Stack Developer – An engineer who can handle the full gamut of services from front end to back end. 

Educational Requirements

Anyone at any age can learn Python. What you need to keep in mind is what field you want to use your Python skills for.

Then you need to have suitable skills in software engineering, mathematics, statistics, website development, mobile applications, gaming software etc. You should be eager to learn and self motivated.

Python Developer’s Salary

Python is currently one of the most in demand programming languages worldwide. Both the number of jobs and salaries are much higher compared to the other programming languages.

As an example, the average Python developer salary in the United States is $116, 379. More than six thousand jobs are advertised for python skills in a month.

Online Courses for Beginners

The internet offers a host of online learning courses which can help you to understand whether Python is for you. Some of the most recommended ones to get you started are:

Over to You

Python is the future. Python skills can help you get a job you truly enjoy, and will also let you create a niche for yourself in the market.

The market has cut throat competition, and Python is one of the strongest ways to arm you for the future.