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Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming


Python Crash Course Description: 

If you know nothing about Python and really want to learn Python fast, this book is for you. Not only for beginner, Python Crash Course also deals with topics, equally important for intermediate level learners.

Basically, the book is divided into two parts ; first part contains basic programming concepts such as lists, dictionaries, classes, and loops, and practice writing clean and readable code with exercises for each topic. Second part is all about application of what you learned in first part. You have to put your knowledge into practice with three projects.

After going through both parts, you will learn how to:

  • Use powerful Python libraries and tools, including matplotlib, NumPy, and Pygal
  • Make 2D games that respond to key presses and mouse clicks, and that grow more difficult as the game progresses
  • Work with data to generate interactive visualizations
  • Create and customize Web apps and deploy them safely online
  • Deal with mistakes and errors so you can solve your own programming problems

The content is excellent and well organised. Thank you Eric Matthes for such an amazing book on Python, after reading Python Crash Course, I can definitely say this one is my favorite.

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Table of Contents:

PART I: Basics

 1: Getting Started

 2: Variables and Simple Data Types

 3: Introducing Lists

 4: Working with Lists

 5: if Statements

 6: Dictionaries

 7: User Input and while Loops

 8: Functions

 9: Classes

 10: Files and Exceptions

 11: Testing Your Code

PART II: Projects

Project 1: Alien Invasion

 12: A Ship that Fires Bullets

 13: Aliens!

 14: Scoring

Project 2: Data Visualization

 15: Generating Data

 16: Downloading Data

 17: Working with APIs

Project 3: Web Applications

 18: Getting Started with Django

 19: User Accounts

 20: Styling and Deploying an App

Appendix A: Installing Python

Appendix B: Text Editors

Appendix C: Getting Help

Appendix D: Using Git for Version Control

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