Property Management Online Courses

Property management is the daily oversight of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate by a third-party contractor. Generally, property managers take responsibility for day-to-day repairs and ongoing maintenance, security, and upkeep of properties. They usually work for the owners of investment properties such as apartment and condominium complexes, private home communities, shopping centers, and industrial parks.

Their main roles are to manage routine tasks delegated to them by the owners and to preserve the value of the properties that they manage while generating income.

List of The Best Property Management Online Courses

1. Effective Property Management Advanced Course Module 1

Thinking about becoming a landlord? Become a landlord and successfully manage your properties and discover how to be a landlord with ease. This Property Management advanced courses give proven strategies for establishing and maintaining rental properties. Have a single family or multi-resident unit or units? Find out what are the advantages of self-management and the pros and cons of this business. Effective Property Management Advanced course Module 1 will help you achieve your dream to become a successful residential rental property owner and will understand what to look for before you have a final deal. After completing this course, you will be prepared to know where the pitfalls are, how to identify these pitfalls and how to overcome them. Course duration – 1 hour

Course Highlights:

  • See whether self- management can work for you
  • What are the Advantages when Working With A Management Firm
  • Is it possible to manage a property from a distance?
  • The pros and cons when using a professional management company
  • What Does A Property Manager Do
  • How to Find the Right Management Company for You
  • How To Compensate the Property Management Company
  • Management agreements and the obligations of a management company
  • Questions To Ask The Property Management Company Before Appointing Them

Course Duration: 1.2 hours

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2. Leading a Winning Property Management Team

Recruiting, selecting, managing, and evaluating a property management team can be a challenge for even the most experienced leader. Lucky for you, this course will walk you through a day-in-the-life experience helping you to better understand your leadership strengths and areas for development so that you can maximize the productivity of your greatest asset – your team.

Course Highlights:

  • Attract the Best. Determine and manage staffing requirements, develop a recruiting plan, and select and hire the best talent. 
  • Take the Lead & Learn to Manage. Understand leading vs. managing and how to identify ways to create and promote a positive organizational culture. 
  • Develop a Strong & Capable Staff.  Learn the difference between training and development, and how to use the proper coaching techniques and motivation tactics to boost career development.
  • Review Performance Effectively.  Implement a proactive performance management system that allows for greater employee engagement and development while also addressing performance issues quickly and terminating employment when necessary.

Course Duration: 8 hours

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3. Property Management Foundations

The business and real estate industries support growing populations and business expansions. Property managers are responsible to operate real estate property, usually on behalf of the owner. As such, they often fill the role of liaison between a variety of stakeholders including the owners, tenants, staff and service providers. Students gain the practical training and knowledge required to manage private residential rental properties focusing on key functional areas. Students develop communication and client service skills, as well as an understanding of key concepts in property management and the use of applicable legislation.

This program is of interest to those seeking an entry-level position in residential property management or are currently employed in the field and are seeking formal training. To qualify for this certificate, you must complete the program within two years.

Course Highlights:

  • Communicate effectively with tenants, supervisors and property owners.
  • Address tenants and tenant issues in compliance with the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Use property management accounting software.
  • Comply with the obligation of property managers under typical property management contracts.

Course Duration: Self Paced

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4. Property Management Training

This course starts by looking at the legal requirements of Property Managers, and the Landlord/Property Manager relationship. It covers essential information on how to make a great first impression with tenants and keep tenants long-term, as well as deal with different types of tenants, from private renters to millennials.

Furthermore, the course will explore key processes and procedures for listing and marketing a property, letting a property, processing applications, and much more. By the end of the course, you will have an excellent understanding of the latest developments in the UK property market, equipped with the most in-demand skills to guarantee your career advancement.

Course Highlights:

  • Understand the role, skills and legal requirements of Property Managers
  • List a property, carry out a property valuation, and advertise a property
  • Manage the letting process, inventory and property viewings
  • Deal with problem tenants, late payments and other issues
  • Show excellent client communication, time management and organisation skills
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of changes in the UK property market
  • Maintain long-term relationships with tenants and respect their privacy
  • Identify the different types of tenancy and understand the tenancy agreement

Course Duration: 3.1 hours

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5. Property Management

This course provides an overview of property management fundamentals for the real estate professional, individual owner, or real estate student. Property types covered include office, retail, industrial, condominium, and apartment buildings. The responsibilities of the property manager/owner are studied, including tenant relations, landlord/tenant law, leasing/renting, human resources, office administration, insurance, financial statements/budgets, building maintenance, vendor services, and property management as a career. The course includes weekly open discussions on current industry events and issues.

Course Highlights:

  • Explore the duties of the property manager/owner, including tenant relations, leasing/renting, human resources and office administration
  • Understand the fiduciary responsibilities of the property manager/owner, including insurance, financial statements/budgets and vendor management

Course Duration: 11 weeks

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6. Property Management Basics

Property management is the operation, control, maintenance, and oversight of real estate and physical property. This can include residential, commercial, and land real estate. This course was designed to help students grasp the fundamental basics of property management and shed light on how to think about innovating and adopting new PropTech technologies.

When completed, you’ll have the actionable property management know-how you need to help you be successful as a modern day property manager. Modules covered include Property Management Operations, Tenants and Security Deposits, Delinquencies and Renewals, Property Management Data Analytics and The Future of PropTech.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn property management basics including managing tenets, operations, delinquencies, renewals, and security deposits.
  • Understand how to vet potential real estate investments.
  • Develop a clear understanding of the future of PropTech and the importance.
  • Discover the impact data-driven decision-making

Course Duration: 1.5 hours

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7. Estate Management Diploma

Are you interested in a career in real estate and property management? Look no further than our Estate Management course bundle! This comprehensive package includes modules in Estate Management at QLS Level 7, Wills and Probate Law, Property Development, Real Estate Investment Training, Estate Agent, Social Housing and Tenant Management, and even Time Management to 10x your productivity in real estate.

With this bundle, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the fast-paced world of real estate, including legal and financial expertise, communication and marketing strategies, and effective time management techniques. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, our Estate Management course bundle is the perfect investment in your career.

Course Highlights:

  • Master the skills needed to manage and maintain social housing properties.
  • Enhance your productivity in real estate with effective time management techniques.
  • Gain knowledge of property valuation and pricing strategies.
  • Learn about property law and regulation, including lease agreements and tenancy disputes.
  • Develop skills in negotiation, communication, and conflict resolution in the context of estate management.
  • Understand the principles of sustainable and ethical property development.

Course Duration: 28 days

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8. Real Estate Management Program

How do you achieve short-term stability and long-term growth in the unpredictable real estate marketplace? This program explores how forward-thinking real estate leaders are positioning their firms to seize growth opportunities and maximize asset value. Equipped with new strategies for enhancing operational efficiency, navigating market change, and unlocking new sources of capital, you will be ready to help your company compete more successfully in an increasingly complex industry.

Course Highlights:

  • How financial modeling unlocks value
  • How strategy helps real estate organizations grow
  • How project leadership maintains value
  • How design creates value

Course Duration: 6 days

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9. Do My Own Property Management

This course is designed for first-time property managers and those who wish to avoid major mistakes when leasing. We’ve put together the best, easiest and most affordable way to get started with a PROVEN step-by-step system that helps you find properties, rent them out, and manage them so you can finally start profiting from doing your own property management!  Most importantly, we help you avoid costly mistakes that first-time landlords make. 

Course Highlights:

  • Understand the role of a property manager including your responsibilities
  • Find and market a profitable investment property
  • Setting Rents for Maximum Profits
  • Prescreen, screen and vet potential applicants
  • Create a rock solid Rental Lease Agreement that protects you legally
  • Take payments and late fees
  • Handle Repairs & Maintenance
  • Deal with Evictions, Problems and Jerks
  • Protect yourself and your assets

Course Duration: 5.1 hours

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10. Pathways to Property: Starting Your Career in Real Estate

Whether you want to be the next sustainability star, estates expert or managing director of a project, this course showcases the real estate sector and the wide variety of career possibilities within.

Enter the fast paced world of international property and hear from industry experts developing the International Quarter London near the Olympic Park. How does this impact on local residents and the environment? Is it possible to create sustainable developments that work for all? And how can you be involved in decision making in the future?

Course Highlights:

  • What is property, why do we need it and how is it developed?
  • Who gets involved when developing property?
  • The key issues impacting the property industry and the role that sustainability, globalisation and technology play in property investment, development and management
  • How the industry will develop in the future
  • The career opportunities available: roles in the industry and how to start building a career in property

Course Duration: 3 weeks (2 hours)

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11. Property Law And Management- Alison

This free online course is a comprehensive guide to UK property management, taxation and property laws.

This course will teach you about property rights, ownership, agreements, taxation and management. It explains terms like ‘leases’ and ‘bailments’ in conjunction with value-added tax, capital gains tax, mortgage and property insurance. The detailed property law and taxation modules and the property management process will benefit lawyers, accountants or those wishing to pursue property management as a career.

Course Highlights:

  • Discuss the importance of property rights
  • Explain the formalities and legal implications of property law
  • Outline the rights and responsibilities of a property owner
  • Describe the guidelines and forms of co-ownership
  • Explain the process of a mortgage
  • Outline the associated risks and need for insuring the property
  • Recognise the different security interests in property
  • Evaluate the details of value added tax and property taxation on capital gains
  • Discuss the tax relief provisions with your clients
  • State the functions of property management companies
  • Explain the property management process
  • List the roles and responsibilities of property managers

Course Duration: 4.5 hours

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12. How To Start Profitable Property Management Company?

This Property Management course is designed to teach students how to start a property management company, evaluate and select investment properties, establish favorable leasing terms and conditions, screen and select tenants and understand all areas of asset management. Students learn to identify maintenance concerns, hire employees and contractors, manage legal and financial issues, establish healthy tenant relationships, and enforce rent due dates. Special topics include specific housing markets, affordable housing, asset management, ROI and cap rates.

Course Highlights:

  • Students will understand in detail everything they need to know about being successful in property management.
  • Students will learn how to market their property management business and get new investors.
  • Students will learn the basics about real estate asset management.

Course Duration: 3 hours

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