Project Management Career Guide For 2020

A picnic can never be successful without having a plan about the same. You cannot either top in your examinations without studying your subjects.

Every goal is achieved with a planned schedule, decision-making and documentations.

A project means any goal that you are asked or desire to achieve in its prescribed time. And the work, the efforts you take to make it successful is the management. For example construction of a building, starting up a business, creating a software etc come under project management career. 

In short, people who don’t frequently work together come along to achieve one goal in its given time.

Planning, risks, control, budget, goal, problem-solving, communication, teamwork and deadlines are some of the most common terms associated with project management career.

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Now, every goal is planned prior as I mentioned above. And there are certain steps that make you achieve your target successfully.

Steps Involved In Project Management Career

1. Planning: Planning your target means your work is half done. You need to analyze the outcome before you start working on it.

2. Then comes Decision Making where you appoint people, decide your budget, investment, and other requirements.

3. Another step is Execution which is the most important. Here, everything you have planned and decided comes into reality. If you see the execution getting disturbed then you know that the before steps weren’t taken into consideration as much as you should.

4. Then comes controlling the process. The control on yourself and the team is very essential.  It includes time, quality, follow-ups and sincerity till the very assigned task is completed.

These are the common steps of project management and 90% of targets are fulfilled as expected if these steps are followed properly. 

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Why Should You Go for Project Management Career?

1. Every day demands are increasing for Project Manager. Almost every company today needs one. A project manager is usually needed in IT Company but comparatively other company also hire one. It is one of the most growing professions in the world. Around 14 million students are working in this profession. Moreover, every demand comes with increase in technology and global market.

2. The salary is comparatively higher than other professions. Depending on the company the rate of income is decided. The average salary for a Project Manager is $66,137 as per Glassdoor.

3. Every day opportunities increase. Highly experienced and professionals can expect rise in salary frequently.

4. Such learners create a great impact on companies. They bring change in the market and are rewarded the best.

Project Manager Skills

I always used to wonder why teachers don’t allot me work and why my friends are always the centre of attraction. I was a very quiet, not socialise kid. I never realised the leadership skill I had in me until now. Leadership quality is the hidden quality that certainly you don’t realise until you get into a certain situation.

Also, leadership quality is not that everyone possesses. It’s special and very attractive. You need to get into situations, work in a team and communicate to taste your skills.

Here are some tips that would help you become an amazing leader or a manager:

  1. Planner: As I mentioned above planning means half work is already done. Then who is a planner? A planner is somebody who analyses the outcome, the result even before the execution. And a good planner never goes out of the eyes of people.
  • Planning budget
  • Allotting work
  • Deciding estimated duration
  • Checking on materials etc.

This in the end also shows how responsible you are for the completion of your work.

  1. Motivator: Motivation is the key to success. The one who knows to inspire win instant hearts. You should be able to consider your team members as your family. The more you encourage, motivate and guide them; the more you will gain their trust. They would probably want to work with you in a long run.
  1. Communicator: You must know how to communicate and in what situation. There are certain situations, incident that we come across during the process such as disputes, change in quality, services, material issues etc all of them are need to be handled with care. Moreover, how clear you are to your members is most essential during this process.

These are the skills/qualities that you need to acquire to be a good project manager.

How to Become a Project Manager?

You need to learn and gain knowledge about the same in detail. You can go for certifications and diploma in this field. There are several sites that offer online courses which will help you improve required skills.

1. EDX-

Edx is an online course website that let you study real courses from Harvard, MIT and world’s leading universities. They offer programs as per your requirement as in masters, certification, diploma, professionalism etc.

2. Udemy –

It is most used online website which let you do an open course at reasonable cost.

Their courses include 13+ videos, activities, interviews and more. You will learn different roles of Project Manager, understanding project lifecycle, ideas, frequency etc.

Here’s the link for courses on Udemy for your reference. 

3. PMI – 

Is a Project Management Institute that offers number courses from beginners to advance.  Their courses are also available in different languages which might help you learn in your suitable language.

All the above websites offer online courses which you can do at your own convenient time and place. And before you make a decision go through all the courses and what content, knowledge, activities they offer for your better understanding.

Some other great learning resources to get started as a project manager

1. Project Management Absolute Beginner’s Guide by Gregory Horine: Gregory Horine is an IT Professional. He has written several books on Project Management and Absolute Beginner’s Guide is one of his exceptional among all containing 448 pages.

This guide is quite expensive but worth. The paperback is available on Amazon. 

2.  Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management by Author Scott Berkun: Author Scott Berkun is a bestselling author and a speaker. This is the book describing how to make things happen during a Project, containing 400 pages, basically about decision-making, leadership skills etc.

3. Tres Roeder is a change agent who talked about Sixth Sense for Project Management at TED Talk inspiring number of students out there. In his talk, Mr. Roeder has discusses his experience with change management and how his topics from his best-seller can be applied to college students and their transition into the work force. 

4. Deniz Sasal is a YouTuber who will make this easier to understand through his video. The video is of 50 minutes but worth listening to. He has included all the methods and techniques to let you learn in a very simple language.

He has also mentioned what steps to be taken and when. Here’s one of the most watched video on Project Management by Deniz Sasal.

Project Management is a great scope to build qualities in oneself. You are born to bring change and your skills in management can definitely help you bring it into reality.