Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance The Unofficial Guide

Title: Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance: The Unofficial Guide

Author: Jonathan S Harbour

License: N/A

Book Description:

The Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance: The Unofficial Guidebook by Jonathan S. Harbour is a collection of all the information including understandable examples of code and explanations that the reader will ever need to develop their own games on a GBA cartridge.

This book was written to be good enough to help readers to get jobs as Game Boy Advance programmers. Whether readers are programmers by profession or if developing video games is something that they do as a hobby, this book can benefit them because its basis is that readers are inspiring game programmers.

This book is unique because it stays close to the subject matter, therefore, it is relatively short, compared to other books that cover the subject of writing PC games, while this is a console programming book.

“The Programming The Nintendo Game Boy Advance” doesn’t cover the C++ because it is unnecessary for Game Boy Advance development. The book also doesn’t cover most of the important aspects of programming the Game Boy Advance because these are handled by the built-in hardware routines and don’t require much intervention from the programmer.

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