The 8 Best Podcasts To Learn Korean in 2023 – For Everyone

Best Podcasts to Learn Korean

Podcasts to learn Korean is a new trend. In fact, all foreign languages as people find it a lot more interesting.

They actually listen to native speakers to learn their languages. There are so many individuals wanting to learn many languages, so they choose podcasts as the medium.

Korean is a special language to me personally. Learning it through blogs and apps wouldn’t give you as much experience as a small podcast will. As we all enjoy listening to stories and poetries, I think Podcasts make learning more fun than any other resource.

8 Best Podcasts To Learn Korean

I have listed down the 8 best podcasts to learn Korean, make sure you try them all. Only then you will know that out of the 8, which one’s best of the best for you.

1. Survival Phrases

Best podcasts to learn Korean

Survival Phrases are for absolute beginners. If you are about to travel to Korea or looking forward to traveling the next month, or the next year, then this is the website for you.

In its audio classes, survival phrases cover almost basic phrases and conversations. That means it will take you about 5 to 10 minutes to start speaking the phrases you learned from their resources. That means, if you want to say Excuse me to a Korean Man standing in front of you, you just have to listen to the audio and there you go. It’s that simple.

But again, it is for absolute beginners and travelers.

2. Korean Listening Practice

Best podcasts to learn Korean

Korean Listening Practice is a downloadable podcast app. It is available on Play Store. In these Podcasts, you will find hours of learning resources. Mostly, it contains comprehensions, phrases and words from native speakers.

These podcasts are for both intermediate and advanced. The learner can go ahead with his basics to intermediate, then to advanced with 50 different Korean lessons.

The other thing is, it also adds up news and reports from South Korea Biggest News Broadcasters for better and more advanced listening practice. I am sure, with these downloadable podcasts, you will be able to improve your basics, and then move ahead to more advanced practice.

3. Talk To Me In Korean

Korean Podcasts

Talk To Me In Korean gives access to free video, audio and paperback resources to learn Korean. No matter at what level you are. It is beneficial to both whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner.

Its video resources are engaging. It keeps the learner active, aware and motivated. So, the more you stay engaged the more you level up. There are free YouTube videos as well. These videos cover all lessons including pronunciation, phrases, a whole guide and expressions in Korean. If you look at their playlist, you will find a number of free resources to help you learn within a month.

However, the premium version of TTMIK gives access to more resources. It includes a course, quizzes, more lessons, downloadable resources and whatnot. I believe the free YouTube videos and Podcasts will be enough to become a good Korean Speaker. But a premium version may also help you master it.

Talk to me in Korean

4. Korean Champ

Korean Champ is a podcast with a different aim. It aims at making learners native speakers. That means the podcasts will not teach you Korean, but how Koreans speak. More like preparing you to be the next real Korean speaker for you to sound like a native speaker.

The podcasts will not only improve your conversational skills but direct you to be confident enough to speak it. These podcasts are free resources. They are available on YouTube too. If you are looking to become an exact Korean speaker, these podcasts will help you do so.

5. Let’s Learn Korean

Podcasts to learn Korean

Let’s learn Korean, is designed by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS World). KBS World is a South Korean TV channel with a vast audience. They have a collection of selected Korean audio to help learners like you. With their podcasts, you can aim at leveling up your knowledge of Korean.

The lessons and courses are undoubtedly well-structured. The engaging audio resources results in providing the utmost benefit to the learner. You will learn sentences, vocabulary and phrases with transcription and dialogues.

If you keep practicing these Podcasts and keep listening to them, the South Korean TV channel will sound even easier to you. You would want to head over to more shows and channels to listen to them. That’s how much value Let’s Learn Korean podcasts hold.

6. Learn Korean With Lingua Boost

Learn Korean

Learn Korean with Lingua Boost, is again one of the best podcasts to learn Korean. It has appropriate lessons. All of them are divided into parts. Covers everything you need to learn in Korean.

The audio files are available on Player FM and can also be downloaded from Play Store or Apple iTunes. You will not only learn common and simple words but all. Basically, everything. The language learned from the podcasts will give you further opportunities to travel, talk and interact with native speakers.

Al the audio resources are from native speakers to make learning engaging, real and fun.

7. KBS News

KBS News app consists of Korean news. Learners download this app to listen to the speakers. To go more in-depth into the Korean language, this app is for advanced learners.

You can listen to all the news and audio files from the app to improve the language. KBS has all kinds of news. Let it be about location or transport, you get to listen to all from native speakers. Isn’t that an interesting and good idea to enhance further learning?

KBS News

8. Sparkling Korean Podcast Beyond Learning Korean

Sparkling Korean Podcast Beyond Learning Korean

Sparkling Korean Podcast is the last on the list. It is recommended by a lot of users. As the podcast covers not only lessons but everything about Korea. From weather conditions to months and seasons, he speaks about everything.

The other thing why people love it the most is the clarity in the tone and pronunciation. To learn any language, clarity is important which you will find in the Sparkling Korean Podcast. He makes sure you learn quickly and better, so he includes everything about Korea and makes each word and pronunciation simpler to the ears.

How to Study Korean With Podcasts

Here are 10 tips to help you study Korean effectively with podcasts while considering your emotions and motivations:

1. Find the perfect podcast match: Look for podcasts that resonate with your current language level and learning goals. It’s essential to choose podcasts that inspire and engage you, as they can have a positive impact on your emotional connection to the language.

2. Establish a consistent study schedule: Create a dedicated time slot each day or week to immerse yourself in podcast episodes. By sticking to a regular routine, you can cultivate a sense of discipline and accomplishment, which can boost your confidence and motivation.

3. Start small and build your way up: If you’re a beginner, begin with shorter podcast episodes to avoid overwhelming yourself. Gradually increase the length and complexity as you gain more confidence and knowledge.

4. Embrace active listening: Dive into the podcast with full focus and immerse yourself in the conversation. Pay attention to the context, emotions, and nuances the hosts convey. By actively engaging, you can foster a deeper connection with the language and culture.

5. Embrace repetition and revision: Don’t hesitate to listen to episodes multiple times. Repetition helps solidify what you’ve learned, reinforce your comprehension, and build your vocabulary. Each time you revisit an episode, you may discover new insights and gain a sense of accomplishment.

6. Leverage transcripts and summaries: Many podcasts offer transcripts or summaries that can support your learning. Utilize these resources to follow along, clarify unfamiliar words, and deepen your understanding of the content. This can boost your confidence and make the learning experience more enjoyable.

7. Bring your voice to life: Practice shadowing the hosts by mimicking their speech patterns, intonation, and rhythm. By actively participating in the conversation, you can enhance your pronunciation skills, improve your fluency, and connect emotionally with the language.

8. Document your progress: Take notes of new vocabulary, phrases, and grammar points that you encounter while listening. Writing them down helps reinforce your learning and allows you to track your progress. Celebrate the small victories along the way, as they are important milestones on your language journey.

9. Supplement your learning: Podcasts can be a valuable addition to your language learning toolkit. Consider integrating them with textbooks, online courses, and other learning materials that align with your goals. This diverse approach can keep your learning experience fresh and multi-dimensional.

10. Join a supportive community: Engage with other Korean learners in online communities, language exchange platforms, or social media groups. Sharing your favorite podcast episodes, discussing language topics, and practicing conversations can provide a sense of belonging and support. Connecting with others who share your passion can uplift your spirits and keep you motivated.

Summing Up

Podcasts have always been fun to listen to. If you go and check all the above-listed sites, you will know speakers invest their utmost time in preparing content that engages the learner. They give it all to help you learn. It is one of the best ways to learn in today’s time when universities do not sound interesting anymore. You get your space, and your time, and moreover, not much money to invest in it. All of them are absolutely free.

So, give them all a try. Have fun learning and comment below on the results you get after enrolling.