8 Best Physician Assistant Online Programs For 2020

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Who is a physician Assistant?

A physician assistant is a person who works under the medical team. They probably are supervised by doctors, physicians and other team members.

They work under registered physicians in order to provide health care to the patient. There work includes treating diagnosis, illnesses, assisting surgeons, testing patients and studying their illnesses.

The average salary of a physician assistant is $94339. Physician assistants get commission of $12000 and earn $52.42 hourly. However, Physician assistant online programs are for becoming the better practitioner in medical department or in health care department. These assistants are not considered as doctor.

They only hold a master’s degree. They are trained to carry out certain responsibilities including treating illnesses, diagnosis and injuries.

Physician Assistant Online Programs are not time considering. They are being completed in your time, in your pace.

Physician assistants have similar education experience as physicians do. Physicians are trained in particular field whereas assistants are not expected to be mastered in particular field.

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Physician Assistant Online Programs are, basically, for those who work in their time. However, a clinical experience is more relevant to gaining experience. Online course works ask students to complete clinical rotation in certain areas.

  • Ambulatory medicine
  • Behavioral medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • General surgery
  • Infectious diseases
  • Internal medicine
  • Oncology
  • Pediatrics
  • Primary care
  • Various surgical specializations
  • Women’s health

Here are the 8 best Physician Assistant Online Programs we have listed for you including key notes, fee structure and duration.

Physician Assistant Online Programs and Courses:

1. Online MedEd:

Online MedEd is a trusted online educating website. MedEd has educated 80% of medical students through their study materials provided on the website.

MedEd is created by Dustyn Williams, MD. He is hospitalist and clerkship director. He created MedEd because he believes that the content he provides here should have been provided to him when he was studying medical. MedEd is used by 80% clinical students to prepare for the boards and wards.

  • 40+ notes with diagrams, tables and tips.
  • 70+ hours of organized audio-video to get you prepared for the boards.
  • Leading educator Dustyn Williams, MD.
  • Free videos of 30 seconds.

2. Des Monis University:

DMU provides a master of science in physician assistant studies. DMU’s programs prepare students to practice with expertise. And they look forward to teaching students learn better about helping people live better and healthier lives.

  • 30% students receive funded scholarships
  • 100% first time passer results during 2018-19
  • 96% graduation rate

3. Pacific University Oregon:

PUO provides master’s of science in physician assistant studies. PUO program is designed for students to learn about trainings including didactic coursework with clinical experiences, so they are able to work in all kind of medical setting. The program takes 27 months to complete with seven courses. They give students opportunities to participate in community service projects. There are a lot of clinical sites in US. If students want to experience from international clinical sites they have an option to do it.

  • Has graduated over 700 students.
  • Has remained accredited by the Accreditation Review Commission on education for the Physician Assistant from 1999 till date.

4. Exam Master:

Exam Master is in collaboration with Emory University. Emory is a home to one of the nation’s premier PA programs.

  • Includes supplemental materials
  • PANCE board review programs
  • Lets you choose resources under your budget.

5. Udemy:

Udemy is an online website for courses related to your field. Udemy gives regular discounts on their courses which go from $18 to $5.66 and best-selling Courses go from $169 to $18. They have a course based on journey to become a Physician Assistant.

  • You will learn and understand the role of Physician Assistant.
  • Why is your profession different from others?
  • How to navigate the application from personal dream to program acceptance?
  • Fee $6.44 discounted price. Original cost is $18
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion
  • 27 ratings and 101 students have enrolled in the course.

6. University of North Dakota:

UND’s pa program has held continues accreditation since 1974. They have graduated 2000 students since then.

  • Provides a master’s degree
  • 24 months of program
  • 6 sessions
  • Tuition fee $8,226 per year in the state and $21,964 per year outside the state.
  • 89% PANCE pass rate.

7. YALE school of medicine:

Yale is a physician assistant program. Yale focuses on advancing students in pa for the country and country’s need. Their motive is to bring more health care practitioners to patients with YALE pa programs. Students are allowed to learn in their own communities. The program has online classes and course work with in person clinical rotations. They provide student with degree after the completion of program.

  • Requires 4 year bachelor’s degree or 2 years master’s degree from U.S. regionally accredited university
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Average tuition fee $42,100 per year


EMCH is Extended Master of Clinical Health Services degree program. This program is for students who hold 2 years bachelor’s degree in pa program. It allows you to earn credit in your current clinical practice. You will have 2 weeks for studying with UW Seattle campus that includes a two-week intensive at the beginning of the program.

  • Tuition fee $15,550 per year
  • Covers leadership, investigative skills and health care policy

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