Parallel Algorithms

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Title: Parallel Algorithms

Authors: Henri Casanova, Yves Robert, Arnaud A Legrand

License: N/A

Why this book?

First of all, if you nothing about “Parallel Algorithms”, here I am telling you in brief.

In the field of computer science, we have mainly two types of algorithms, i.e. traditional algorithms and parallel algorithms.

In traditional algorithms,  we execute them in a single device, from starting to end while in parallel algorithms, algorithms are executed on different devices and then combined to get the final result.

The aim of this book is to provide a rigorous yet accessible treatment of parallel algorithms, including theoretical models of parallel computation, parallel algorithm design for homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms, complexity and performance analysis, and fundamental notions of scheduling.

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Covering all fundamentals and some key concepts, this book is intended for graduate and post graduate computer science research students 

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