9 Must have Chrome Extensions You should Try Today

Best Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome – the most popular browser in the world, developed by Google and based on chromium – an open source project. Its design, speed, smooth browsing and regular addition of new features in every update make it loved by all. Beside all these features, it has largest add-on store known as chrome web store, from […]

The Inventors Behind The Stuff You Use Everyday


Have you ever wondered about the persons behind the things around you, which make your life so simple? There are many things without which our daily life seems unimaginable, take electricity, mobile phone, computer as examples,  we even can’t think today how our our life will be without these inventions. Thanks to the great thinkers and inventors who […]

Microsoft DreamSpark Program for Students & Educators

farmto table

                                Microsoft “DREAM SPARK” Program for Students WHAT IS DREAMSPARK? DreamSpark is a Program started by Microsoft to support students in technical education by providing access to different Microsoft premium products to students, academians, and educators, free of cost. It is a popular program and a very […]

Free Software Tools CDs of Indian Languages


TDIL (Technology Development of Indian Languages) is a program launched by Department of Information Technology (DIT),Government of INDIA with an objective to develop information processing tools, which include software tools, fonts and other resources in 22 scheduled local languages like  Assamese, Bangla, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu etc. These tools can be used in Presentation preparation, Word […]

Free CAD Software Tools for Students

“Design is a journey to Discovery” Computer aided design or computer aided drawing,in short CAD, is a computer program made specifically for designing,drafting, and development of a product .These programs are used to draw 2D& 3D drawings of a product or part of a product.It is very familiar term among engineering students and it is playing […]