Free Autodesk Software For Students and Educators

Free Autodesk Software

Autodesk is an American based Multinational Software Corporation that renders software services for architecture, engineering, education, and entertainment fields. This platform not only provides facilities for professional purposes but also supports distance learning for students or aspiring professionals. Autodesk is a platform that understands your educational needs and supports you for future goals. It’s software … Read more

Autodesk Revit: Download Free for Students

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Revit is developed by AutoDesk Inc. and it is the topmost player in the field of BIM software. BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. The biggest competitor to Revit MEP is ArchiCAD, developed by Graphisoft. BIM is the modern design approach; using the concepts of BIM, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) components are designed and installed. … Read more

5 Reasons To Consider An International School In Thailand For Your Child’s Education

5 Reasons To Consider An International School In Thailand For Your Child's Education

Image credit Ensuring your child has an education that equips them for the interconnection and variety that are key to today’s globalized world is essential. As parents, we strive to find schools that offer a comprehensive education, cultural immersion, and a nurturing atmosphere for learning. Among the many options available, Thailand international schools have emerged … Read more

The 8 Best Podcasts To Learn Korean in 2023 – For Everyone

Best Podcasts to Learn Korean

Podcasts to learn Korean is a new trend. In fact, all foreign languages as people find it a lot more interesting. They actually listen to native speakers to learn their languages. There are so many individuals wanting to learn many languages, so they choose podcasts as the medium. Korean is a special language to me … Read more

Python Developer: Career, Job Profile, Skills, Salary and Learning Resources

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you might have heard of Python. In the tech world, learning Python can be compared to learning your ABCs in kindergarten. Python is one of the ways to create computer programs. In simple terms, it is a programming language, used to write instructions for software. Python has … Read more

Career as a Java Developer: Scope, Salary and How to Get Started

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It has been more than two decades that Java has been a programming language and remains unavoidable for mission-critical programming tasks as well as the everyday programming needs. To stay around for so long and to involve millions of developers around the world has proven its status as one of the most mature programming languages. … Read more

Student Loan FAQs – Answered by Experts

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Student loan Frequently Asked Questions and Answers A student loan is for helping students in their tertiary education, also known as post-secondary education. This type of loan is provided to help students pay for tuition, books, supplies and living expenses. The laws regarding student loan differ country to country. In the United States, students loan are … Read more