Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces

operating systems three easy poeces pdf

Title: Opearting Systems : Three Easy Pieces

Author: Remzi H. & Andrea C.

License: Self Publishing

Book Description:

Still know nothing about operating systems, working and functions? Here is an illustration which will help you for sure to understand what role an operating system plays.

operating systems three easy pieces
image credit : cs uri dot edu

You have seen it and now it can be deduced that computer hardware is nothing without operating system, it is OS, which interacts with hardware and application software to give information on a screen.

Operating Systems: Three Easy Pieces by Remzi and Andrea talks about three aspects of an operating system i.e. virtualization, concurrency and persistence. 

This books also discuss history and working of an operating system and gives some great insight which will surprise you. Each section is further divided into small chapters to keep the book interesting and easy to read.

As, the book is available to read/download in PDF chapter wise. I found a complete book on a git fork here.

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