Online Text Editor – 3 Best Tools To Use In 2023

Online text editors have become increasingly famous in recent times. So, which are the best ones in 2022?

Around 60% of content marketers produce one content piece every day. On the other hand, there are almost 50,000 active academic writers in the USA. Now, what’s the common thing between these two groups of writers?

They all use online text editors at one point or another. Whether to collaborate or to save time, these tools are vital nowadays. So, what exactly does an online text editor do? Why should you use one? Besides, which are the best ones today? Let’s dive right into it and find out.

Defining an Online Text Editor

Online text editors are web-based text editing software that allows you to create and edit documents online. They can be accessed on any device with an internet connection and offer a range of features like formatting, spell checking, collaboration, and more.

An online text editor usually comes in a simple shape and form. However, some tools offer rich-text editing offers, like adding headings, subheadings, text size, bullet points, numbered lists, etc. Besides that, some tools also enable a writer to add media like videos, audio clips, images, or tables.

These editors make it easy for anyone to write documents from anywhere. You can also use them as a collaborative tool by inviting your friends or co-workers to edit the document with you. However, only a select few tools offer this particular feature.

Besides that, online text editors are a great way to edit and publish your work. They are a perfect alternative to Microsoft Word, which is usually not accessible on mobile devices. On top of that, Text editors are generally free and offer many features that make writing easier.

The most popular text editors usually offer these extensive offers for a price. However, many more online options offer these tools without costing anything—some of which we’ll explore today.

Why Should You Use One?

Online text editors are a great way to edit text on the go. They provide you with a broad range of features, such as undo and redo, add text, edit text, add or remove images, etc. On top of that, some capable editors even offer spell checkers, grammar checkers, and autocorrect.

There are many different types of online text editors out there. Some focus on formatting, while others focus on content creation. Online editors can be used for any work involving writing, such as blogging or editing academic papers.

That’s why you should use one if you plan on collaborating with your fellow writers. On top of that, you should use one if you’re looking to use a tool without having to pay for something like MS Office. Besides that, you can use it if you:

  • Want to write online;
  • Save text to online storage;
  • Collaborate with a fellow writer;
  • Don’t have time to install MS Office or another rich text editor.

Therefore, if any of these points resonate with you, you should be using an online text editor.

3 Best Online Text Editors in 2022

The best online text editors in 2022 will keep it simple, convenient, and straightforward. So, keeping those things in mind, here are our picks for the three best online text editors:

1. Online Text Editor by Editpad

EditPad has recently climbed up the ladder and turned out to be one of the best online text editors. Loved by writers, developers, and students, this tool has everything in it for someone. For instance, it offers two variants of its text editor, a simple one and a rich text editor.

Both of these variants are remarkable in their own rights. So, let’s analyze why this is our number one pick:

  • Simple Text Editor

The simple text editor stays true to its name and offers nothing but a mild yellow background and the ability to edit text. While this tool has no word limit, you can see the character and word count at the bottom of your screen.

Besides that, you can upload a simple text file or download it directly once done. Or, if you’re taking notes, then you can save the text you right as notes, then view them using the button on the bottom-right, which reads “Saved notes.”

  • Rich Text Editor

EditPad goes all out on its rich text editor and offers a blend of simplicity and functionality. Once again, the editor sports an easy-on-the-eye yellow background for those who work in dark rooms or love to work late at night.

Besides that, the tool is laced with options that you’d find in a word processor like MS Word. This factor makes it one of the best, if not the best online text editor available today. So, to sum it up, this tool made this list because of:

  • Two content modes
  • Extensive usage
  • Ideal for collaboration
  • Download options
  • Rich text editing elements

Besides that, you can directly access paraphrasing tools, plagiarism checkers, and other options by EditPad directly once you click on the “More>>” options.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is our second pick, and you can guess why. This outstanding online text editor is a part of Google’s Suite, which is also known as Google Workspace. Being one of the best online text editors, Google pulls out all the stops to make it one of their best provisions.

Therefore, we placed this online text editor second on our list for a few reasons, such as:

  • Save directly to Google drive;
  • Collaborate with another writer(s)
  • In-built grammar checker;
  • Auto-spell checker.

This allows you to write texts efficiently without worrying about other factors. Making it one of the leading alternatives to MS Word.

3. Text Editor by Utilities-Online

Utilities-Online offers an abundance of great tools, and their text editor happens to be one of them. An efficient, rich text editor, this web-based program also acts as a simple text editor. However, all you have to do is not use the rich-text elements.

Besides that, it enables the user with various rich-text privileges, such as:

  • Adding images
  • Using tables
  • Using subheadings
  • Adding bullet points

These factors alone make it a priority for many writers. Besides that, it allows you to save your text file as PDF or DOCX. This ensures you can save or upload your files into online storage or send them as an email. These factors put it at number 3 on our list.


These are the three best online text editors available in 2022. All these editors offer something unique, which makes them stand out in this category. While all of them are great, we suggest using the first for the extensive, uninterrupted writing experience.