Online Resume Builder: 10 Best Online Tools for a Perfect Resume

Best Online Resume Builder Tools

A resume will always be a critical component when you apply for a job. It gives potential employers and recruiters a detailed summary of your professional skills and certifications, your work history, how effectively you have been able to convert theoretical knowledge into practical application, the prominent positions you may have held in an organization previously, and how thoroughly you have understood your roles and responsibilities there.

A well-crafted resume will make the case for hiring you above other applicants by showing that your goals merge with the organization’s objectives.

Writing a professional resume can be challenging. Fortunately, there are several online resume builder tools that can help you highlight the most worthwhile aspects of your profile. We have curated the best-reviewed ones below:

10 Top Online Resume Builder Tools in 2021

1. Super Resume

Super Resume is one of the most user-friendly resume-making websites online. If you have no idea what sort of layout, theme, or display you want, this website is the one for you. You will be able to explore the themes listed and pick the one you like best. You can also generate a pre-filled resume and then edit it by putting in your own information. You can also preview your work as you proceed.

Creating a resume on this site is for free, but to download or print your work, you will be required to pay at least $2.50. The site has marketed itself as a free resume creator, but the “free” bit in the title is misleading.

2. The Ladders

This website has a built-in resume creator that works in two ways: one, if you have already created your resume, you can upload it on the site. Your resume will be reviewed, and areas of improvement will be pointed out along with suggestions on how to proceed. 

If you want to create a resume from scratch, you can choose any of their simple but professional templates and start filling in your information. You can also cycle from one template to another after filling in your information and then pick the one which looks the best to you.

You can download the finished resume in PDF format.

3. VisualCV

VisualCV is one of the most professional and user-friendly resume creators out there. Its editing tools are most recommended. It allows you to add your information directly to your chosen template. At the same time, you can view what your final product looks like as you proceed. 

You may also upload a filled-in resume or import one from LinkedIn. You can also use your LinkedIn ID to log in to your account. Another standout feature is that it offers industry-specific samples to polish your resume.

The final product can be downloaded in PDF format. The only catch is that for free users, the final product comes with a VisualCV watermark embedded in it.


This is probably the best resume builder if you are in the very initial stages of your career. It is also completely free, with no hidden charges or hoops. Its user-friendly interface allows switching between resume templates after entering your information. At present, it offers twenty-four templates, most of which are basic but professional. There are no limits on downloading, printing, or sharing your created resume.

5. Resume-Example

Fifth in the list of best online resume builder tools, Resume-Example is another good resume maker tool that lets you create a professional resume in just 3 steps. The notable features include – resume assistant that helps you highlight your skills and ATS-Friendly (Applicant Tracking System) to parse your application with ease and helps you get noticed. With 20+ attention-grabbing customizable templates and hundreds of resume examples by industry, Resume-Example is definitely worth a try.

6. CV Maker

This website does not even require you to sign up before you start creating your resume. A range of templates and tools are freely available which can be used creatively. The site allows you to:  preview your resume in real-time, export the final product in txt, HTML, and PDF formats and host your resume on the site and create a link to it.

7. SlashCV

This website is another one most recommended for its user interface. It is also completely free, and does not require sign up to begin using it. However, you can sign in to access additional features. The site allows you to: select various professional resume templates, generate the final product in pdf and link your account with Dropbox for saving and sharing.

8. Resumonk

This is an excellent resume creator and highly recommended. Although it has both free and premium plans, the features offered for free will more than fulfill your requirements. The user interface is easy, but a little tight because of advertising. 

A free account will allow you to access a number of simple but professional templates, use a quality text editor to format your resume, publicly host your resume on the site and download the final product in pdf format. The paid account will let you create cover letters and multiple resumes, and will allow additional options for file export such as HTML and text.

9. Resume-Now

This is one resume creator that provides the most features for free. You are allowed to create an unlimited number of resumes using nearly twenty-one templates, and you can also create cover letters for each resume. The final product can be downloaded for free. In the free plan, only txt format is available for downloads. The user interface is excellent.

You can use these websites to assist you in creating a resume. However, if you are confident in your resume creating skills and just want a little creative assistance along the way, you can use the following online resume tools for that unique final product:


This website allows you to create a fresh resume from the ground up. You can use terrific design elements and backgrounds and mix and match till you get the perfect look.

The editor will help you highlight the bring your most worthwhile achievements to the forefront. If you are looking for a pre-created template instead, you can take your pick from a number of pre-designed ones and get started.

Google Docs

Last in the list of best online resume builder tools, Google Docs is worth mentioning. Google has used its unparalleled internet reach to bring together all the freely available resume templates available online. You can read the reviews of each template before choosing it. Google also lets you download all these templates so that you can work on them offline too.

Bonus Tips for an Unforgettable Resume:

  • Display your best accomplishments first
  • Always display last held job title and responsibilities first
  • Fit everything in one page
  • Focus on your experience and what you accomplished and less on your education
  • Don’t hesitate to list online courses or distance education degrees
  • Your resume will be the first opportunity a potential hirer will use to study you, before ever meeting you. Make your resume memorable, concise and relevant. Skim successful resumes.
  • Edit over and over till you think it says exactly what the hirer wants to hear Use all the resources at your disposal to make your resume unforgettable.

Writing a good resume is not as complex as it looks. Before even starting writing, we have thousands of questions in our minds that at times we restrained ourselves from writing our own resumes and then we start a hunt for good online resume builder tools.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Resume Building

Here is the list of 10 most common Frequently Asked Questions about Resume writing. These questions and answers will help you make a great-looking professional resume using online resume builder tools.

Resume FAQs

What is the difference between a resume and a CV?

The main difference between a resume and a CV is that the former is used for applying for jobs and the latter is used for academic purposes. The second difference lies in their length, the resume is one or two pages long and the CV has no word limit.

A resume apart from personal details incorporates only relevant work experience, skills, achievements. While CV includes your whole academic course details, research works, certifications, etc. A completed resume is written in bullet points to be more crisp and presentable, and a CV follows a descriptive format to define all your achievements.

What is the required length of the resume?

Recruiters have usually come across many resumes of applying candidates for a single post. It is important that you should make your resume brief and crisp. In one or two glances employers get what they are looking for in the resume.

The best length should be 1–2 pages, only important and relevant details should be incorporated in it. There is no need for including unnecessary details to make it lengthy and clumsy.

What are the essential components of a resume?

– Personal details: Name, Address, contact number, Email address
– Educational Qualification
– Job Experience
– Transferable Skills

Optional Components of a resume:
– Objectives (now outdated)
– Branding statement
– Accomplishments/Achievements.
– Keywords
– Language
– Interests and hobbies
– Strengths
– References

What are the components that should be avoided while writing a resume?

The following components should not include in resumes:

The title “Resume”: The title “Resume” denotes your immaturity and lack of knowledge of the format of writing a perfect resume. It does not create a good impression on the employer too.

Your picture: The candidate’s picture is only preferred in the acting business. Otherwise, many employers directly discard the resumes that have pictures in them. Using appearance for any job makes the hiring process partial which is against the ethics of the corporate world.

Salary information: Candidates should never mention previous job salary information in their resume. Not even including the expected salary of the job they have applied for. It sometimes overwhelms all your potential and reduces the chance of having a personal interview with the employer.

Religion: Including religion may sometimes evoke personal sentiments like love or grudges for candidates’ religion and can make the hiring process partial and biased. It is advisable not to include religion in your resume.

Reason for leaving a previous job: A reason for leaving the previous job sometimes raised questions on your working values and commitment power. It may create an adverse impression on the employer instead of a good one.

Which resume format is good for a job resume?

Here are three resume formats you can use.

Reverse Chronological: It is best for those who have already established themselves into a specific career line. This resume gives them a chance to flaunt their work history. In this type of resume, the job experience is written with the most recent job at the top and the very first job at the bottom. This resume strategy helps you to set the bar of what kind of job you are looking for now.

Functional: This type of resume comes under skill sections that focus on the specific qualifications and transferable skills for the post you are applying for. This format also de-emphasizes the job history and this feature makes it the best resume format for new job seekers, for those who want to change their career path, or who have some work gap in their resume.

Hybrid: This is the best format which is a combination of both reverse chronological and functional resumes. It best serves recruiters and candidates as it presents both specific qualifications sections and reserves experience history perfectly.

How to make my resume more attractive?

In order to make your resume stand out from others, you should include at the top of the resume a Branding statement that defines who you are, your commitments towards the job, and what special traits you have that make you different from others.

The most important skill for a resume is writing in a well-organized and proper format with a balanced color combination. All the relevant details should be presented in bullet points in order to avoid long descriptive paragraphs. Use keywords that are mentioned in the job description to grab attention in a single glance.

What is the importance of keywords in a resume? Why should it be included?

In this technologically advanced world employers usually used software to deal with the bulk of resumes. Here keywords play a major role, these words can make your resume stand out from the bundles in scanning processes. Candidates should make intelligible guesses for keywords of what an employer looks for in the resume for a particular post.

Even if employers are not using software for this task, they still just manually scan your resume for keywords. To make your resume objective, suitable for software scanning and manual scanning keywords should be distributed evenly that can stand out technologically or at a quick glance.

How to write a resume for those who have no prior work experience?

Every job seeker starts from where she/he has no work experience. For your first job, you can use a functional format to write a concise one-page resume without any job experience by focusing on the educational section and skills.

Instead of work experience, you can include internships or volunteering experiences you have acquired during your academic education.

Should I make a new resume for applying every time for a new job application?

Yes, always try to create your resume that is most suitable to the words that are used in each and every job description. Always frame your work experiences in a way that can appeal to the employer on your behalf and fulfill job requirements.

Give emphasis to the educational achievements that seem more favorable for the job. Try to use as many as possible keywords to make it stand out in the scanning stage. And always try to use language that can make your resume more suitable for the job.

How to make a resume without hiring any professional resume writer?

There are numerous online resume builder tools available that offer free as well as paid resume-making services and also have resume templates. From a sample resume to how to write a resume, they help with everything. Here are some of the best online resume builder tools that can make you a perfect resume without even paying a penny.

– Canva
– Resumemonk

I hope our list of best online resume builder tools and FAQs helps you create a professional resume.

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