How to Calculate Correct GPA? 5 Best Free Online GPA Calculators

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GPA (Grade Point Average) is a convenient method to boil down your entire school career worth of grades or marks into one concrete number.

First your cumulative grade is computed and then converted to arrive at the GPA. The range of the GPA scale is 0.0 to 0.4. GPA is one of the critical pillars of your college application process.

This is the traditional GPA scale:

Grade by letter


Final GPA



































Below 65


Download GPA Scale Table as .JPG 

A high GPA will be a boon if:

– You completed difficult and high level courses

– It shows your drive to challenge yourself with honors level classes, capability to work hard, are willing to take initiative and you qualify academic standards

– It can be a fallback if you earn an average grade on your SAT or ACT.

How can you ensure high GPA?

A high GPA at the end shows that you have consistently managed your studies and extracurricular activities throughout your school career. You should always aim to maintain high GPA as slipping in a few classes here and there will make you work harder to catch up later on.

GPA is very important not just for college admissions, but also for scholarship applications, graduate program applications, entry into a club or organization and extracurricular activities.

How can you calculate your GPA?

There are two types of GPA: unweighted and weighted. Unweighted GPA is calculated by assigning equal importance to all grades you earned in high school, irrespective of the subject, difficulty level and other factors. Weighted GPA on the other hand takes into consideration the difficulty level of the course or subject. Higher points are awarded to courses which are more challenging. So, weighted GPA will depend on the individual college’s assignations. Here’s how you can calculate unweighted GPA:

– From year nine to year twelve, note down subject wise the overall grade obtained for each class attended during the year.

– Convert the letter grades to number using the chart above.

– Calculate the GPA of the individual years by dividing the number obtained in the above step with the number of subjects taken per year

– Combine the individual year GPAs and divide by 4 to get cumulative GPA

Online GPA calculators

In case you need some assistance in calculating the GPA, here are some of the best online portals offering just that!

This website has the best user interface and attractive design for GPA calculation. It has no limit on the number of classes you can enter, and also offers the option of combining two or more semesters together.

The site takes into account both weighted and unweighted GPA needs, and so a five point GPA scale as well as a thirteen point GPA scale is provided.

You can enter the letter grade you earned course by course and then supply the number of credits for each course. At the end the GPA is automatically calculated.

This website not only calculates GPA but also the highest and lowest GPA you can earn for a particular class based on the credit hours. The calculation itself is simple: you simply enter credits and grades class by class for each semester. The overall GPA at the end of the year is automatically computed.

This calculator enables you to plan your academics and proceed accordingly.

This is another website with an excellent use interface. The number of courses you can enter is unlimited. Here, GPA is computed using average of grades as well as the number of credits per course.

To get started, you need to select the letter grade from a drop down list for each course. Next, you have to enter the total number of credits.

This process must be followed for as many courses and semesters there are in the year. You can see your GPA score being calculated in real time.

This website goes above and beyond as a GPA calculator by providing a converter to conveniently connect letters to grades. Apart from the standard GPA calculator an additional tool to compute cumulative GPA has also been built in.

The standard GPA calculator is joined by a grade point balance calculator as well. Quite simply, after entering the number of courses, number of units and grade letters, the GPA and total grade points are automatically calculated.  

This is an appropriate tool for not just aspiring college students but middle school students as well. It provides the five point scale for unweighted GPA and also a twelve point scale for a weighted GPA. However, only eight courses at a time can be calculated. You can reload the page and add more courses as needed.

The page is very useful is you will be applying to colleges in the short term. You can gain additional information regarding AP credits, IB credits, classes’ shadowing, transferring of credits and about GPA too.

This is another excellent and quick website for GPA calculation. Ten subjects can be entered at one time. Grades may be entered regardless of positive or negative aspects.

This website offers brilliant tips and suggestions to increase GPA by improving your grades.

How to raise your GPA?

Having a solid plan for your academic career should be your first priority. GPA is easier to raise if you start earning high grades as early as possible.

If you take classes of less overall difficulty, you automatically raise your GPA. In the weighted system, high level classes get higher points, but that is of no use if you are getting a lower grade there.

Take up an elective or two which interests you. Electives are taken into account for GPA calculation. Put your free time to good use by opting for some electives.

Calculating your GPA is an easy task with these tools. Get started and happy studying!