Objective Mechanical Engineering By P K Mishra (Upkar)

mechanical engineering books pdf p k mishra upkar

Ttitle: Objective Mechanical Engineering 

Author : P K Mishra

Publisher: Upkar

License : N/A


Preparing for a competitive exam or just need a quick revision for academics, you need a handbook. Isn’t it?

Objective mechanical engineering by P K Mishra is one of the most popular handbooks for mechanical engineering. The reason is obvious that it covers most of the formula and concepts in a small bag effectively.

Believe it or not, handbooks play a very important role when you have some days remaining for any exam and you just want a quick revision.

Here, we have objective mechanical engineering by P K Mishra for you to download as PDF.

Disclaimer: We neither created nor uploaded the PDF on our server. We are just sharing the link. Please contact us for any query.

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