Node.js Design Patterns by Mario Casciaro

Title : Node.js Design Ptterns PDF

Author: Mario Casciaro

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Node.js Design Patterns Description :

Node.js is an amazing book written by Mario Casciaro, an excellent programmer and a teacher. An extremely popular book throughout the world covers important techniques, series of patterns to create great and efficient applications.

By reading this book, you will learn the following:

• The “Node way”. How to use the right point of view when approaching a Node.js design problem. You will learn, for example, how different traditional design patterns look in Node.js, or how to design modules  that do only one thing.

• A set of patterns to solve common Node.js design and coding problems.  You will be presented with a “Swiss army knife” of patterns, ready-to-use in order to efficiently solve your everyday development and design problems.

• How to write modular and efficient Node.js applications. You will gain  an understanding of the basic building blocks and principles of writing  large and well-organized Node.js applications and you will be able to  apply these principles to novel problems that don’t fall within the scope  of existing patterns. 

Whether you use or plan to use Node.js for your work, your side project, or for an open source project, recognizing and using well-known patterns and techniques will allow you to use a common language when sharing your code and design, and on top of that, it will help you get a better understanding about the future of Node.js and how to make your own contributions a part of it.

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