Career as a Motion Graphic Designer in 2021

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Since you are searching about how to become a motion graphic designer, you might be aware of the term motion graphics. 

In case you do not know don’t worry. I am here to help you after all. 

What is Motion Graphics?

In the simplest form,  when you gather your friend’s pictures to make a music video for her birthday is a motion graphic. There’s not much in deep to know about it. It is what we do without knowing what it is called.

The pictures with text along with an audio or video saved as a slideshow is a motion graphic. Usually, advertisers, brand marketers make motion graphics to give a clear picture and understanding to their audiences.

When a movie starts, there’s an introduction to actors, actresses, and other involved members. This introduction is created as a motion graphics with animation, music, and audio in it. Basically, animated pieces are a motion graphic.

 Here’s an example for your reference.

If you see the above example you will notice that one or two videos and certain pictures are combined, given animation, music, and audio to make it a single motion graphic. Similarly, motion graphics can be about anything to give it a better touch and presentation.

Now, why should you use motion graphics?

  1. Tells a story in a more realistic manner

Motion graphics are famous for telling stories in a creative way. These stories when are given animation, music, and audio, become motion graphics. Most of the time, when we are watching the movie, we feel an emotion inside us because of the animation and the sounds created.

For e.g. in a comedy movie, we feel the emotion of laugh and fun whereas in a romantic and horror movie we feel love and fear inside us.

This is where is motion graphics used, for creating a real environment for the public.

  1. Too much data and information are not required

There’s no need of preparing an explanation, gathering information and putting data into images. A motion graphic makes it simpler for the creator and the audience as well. It gives a healthy explanation in less than minutes and clearly than long data presented in front of the audiences.

  1. People are too lazy to read

What interests most public is a video with text and music. Nobody takes time to ignore long information presented to them. They want the message to be directly provided to their minds. And motion graphic does the job. Motion graphic helps give a message directly and precisely through sounds, animations, texts, and video-audio visuals.

  1. People spend most time on social media

It’s the time where people start and end their days using social media. They don’t mind watching a 3 to 4 hours video for their peace of mind. Where peace should be by spending time with family, they find peace using their phones, watching videos and chatting with friends.

If they can spend watching unnecessary videos, you know you will get a lot of attention if you create interesting and useful motion graphics for your brands, to tell stories, short films or anything that can be presented as a motion graphic.

  1. Too helpful when you need to catch attention urgently

As motion graphics are not too long. They are 30 seconds to 3 minutes long. And when we need to share a trailer or short video about an upcoming event, brand, film or whatever it is we can make use of motion graphics to make an impact on it.

It has always been an amazing start to brands, films, and moreover tutorials. Motion graphic is winning hearts for how simple it makes an impact on social media and screens.

Where should you make use of motion graphics?

  1. YouTube, Facebook is in demand these days

If you are a video creator and create some interesting, and useful videos you must use motion graphics as an advantage to attract audiences. Animation and music in the video can create a lot of impact on the audience.

People find it very interesting when they see visuals in a creative way. They look forward to watching such motion graphics over and over again.

  1. Event advertisement

If you have an upcoming event that you need to talk about you can create motion graphics to share a word about. You post a picture and writing a caption may get ignored but a motion graphic will have more impact and will be seen by the maximum audiences.

  1. Logo animation

We tend to create a logo for our businesses, brands, and websites to make an identity that anybody else doesn’t have. Giving this logo animation or making it as a gif can bring a lot of public attention towards your brand. This is what every other person does to promote the logo and its businesses.

However, these were the examples. You can create it for anything that you think should be explained precisely and not through a lot of information.

What are the benefits of motion graphics?

  1. Not much competition

Every SEO guy is competing with another in the content matter. When you search something the contents are shown line-wise but at the start of the web page, there are videos highlighted as well.

Instead of reading 1000 words content, people find videos easier to understand. If you create motion graphics, it is definitely bringing results to your door because there’s absolutely no competition.

Every video is differently created, animated and presented. That’s when you can achieve something from your audiences. Here’s an example of this.

  1. Impact of social media

People are so energetic in the case of social media that they can make a poor, a celebrity in no time. In a world like this, a video can be shared with so many people in less than seconds. And if it is an interesting motion graphics then brand recognition is surely assured. Who doesn’t like sharing with their friends what they like on social media? People get so excited when they watch something interesting and more excited to share it with their friends.

  1. Think creative

However, videos are been used for decades now. What are needed today are highly creative video and motion graphic creators. There’s not much competition but who are already making use of it are being loved the most. So to go ahead of them and get recognized you need to create different and more appealing. When you create more appealing motion graphics, you reach more than expected audiences and you get the desired results.

Motion graphics is a term defined as a video or a slideshow with animated images, text and audio-video visuals. 

Motion graphics is what people are shifting focus today to create their brand, start businesses, create an audience and get more engagements. 

Today, where long content is not given much importance, people spend hours watching Motion graphics on social media and big screens. 

How to be a Motion Graphics Designer?

You already know what motion graphics is but what is the job of motion graphic designer is also very important to have an idea about. 

I am so grateful that you chose to learn what you want to do in your life and trust me Motion graphics knowledge is a great influence which can bring you a lot of success in case of brand recognitions, business start-ups, and engagements. 

Motion graphic designers are the creative creators of animated videos and films. They tell stories and share ideas through animated designs. Their creations include animated images, audio-video visuals, and text. 

A motion graphic designer is usually required to have a related degree to enter the field. In case you don’t hold a degree, you must have experience in motion graphics to be applicable to the job. 

Skills Required to Become a Motion Graphic Designer:

Motion graphics

The very first skill that you must acquire is of graphic designs. After all, graphic design is what will make you a graphic designer. It’s a graphic design that is given animation to make it motion graphic design.

Graphic design is the main skill in motion graphic designs. When you master the skill, you can easily create motion graphic designs. Click here for graphic design courses. 

Traditional art skill

So I have a friend who is in the field of motion graphic design. Before she creates any design on the computer, she would draw the art on a sheet of paper which makes her create the design on the computer more easily.

Having a traditional art is actually helpful to become a graphic designer. Won’t it be better to make art on the paper before on the computer so you know whether it will work or not?

It will have a better impact and will let you decide if your ideas will work or you should go for something else. So do consider learning traditional art skills.

Animation skill

Since you are going to become a motion graphic designer, animation is the prime skill required for it. The animation is what makes a graphic design as a motion graphic design.

When you acquire an animation skill, you know how things should move to make an amazing motion graphic design. Animated images, text, audio-video visual make the motion graphic design the most appealing content on the internet. Click here for animation courses.

3D Design skill

As we all know that the world is changing, the generation is changing and so the industry is changing as well. If everybody is trying to bring the most appealing content why should we just create 2D designs when we can learn 3D skills as well?

3D skills make the motion graphic design more creative and more engaging. This might help you reach more and more people.

Color theory

Every motion graphic designer needs to have an appropriate idea of color theory. They must know what colors to make use of while creating designs. This will help them get more engagements and will be able to connect with their audiences, customers, and viewers.

The colors are what brings attention to the eyes. This will help you a lot in designing field.

Creative thinking

Why do you think people create logos and one-liner for their businesses, start-ups, institutions, etc?

This is because they do it for marketing purposes. The think, make rough designs and invest so much of their time in it just to reach more people. If it is bringing you some good results, why would you not do brainstorming and think creatively?

Technical skills

Where will you design graphics if you don’t know technical skills only? It is the prime skill again in the list. You must know how to operate a computer and its systems to be able to create motion graphic designs.

Technical skills are the most required skills so you must first learn the technical skill and there you go.

How to become a motion graphic designer?

You must hold a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or the related field

You must consider learning extra skills. This also may include animation, 3D designs, etc

Some schools offer students courses in art and design. So before you go for a bachelor’s degree you can complete these courses of arts and design as well. After this, you can opt for a bachelor’s degree.

A motion graphic designer must experiences to get a job or to start working. You can have an experience of doing internships.

What is the salary of a motion graphics designer?

The salary of a motion graphic designer basically depends on experience and skills. However, a freelance motion graphic designer earns more as compared to a motion graphic designer working for the company.

Freelance- $65,000

Employee- $62,000

What are the three best courses to get started with motion graphics?

Udemy –

Udemy is the top online courses website, also an app which has millions of users using it every day. They offer courses at discount for a limited time period.

Click here to start learning motion graphics from Udemy 

Insights into the course:

31 hours on-demand video

47 articles

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Plural sights

Plural sights have 10 days trial to motion graphic courses. You can learn in your time and from your comfort zone. It has a number of courses and provides a number of skills. Click here to go through the website –  

Here’s an insight into different courses from the website-


Skillshare offers a wide range of courses on motion graphics. You can choose as per your interest and start learning. You also get to work on projects to check your understandings of motion graphics and animation.

Skillshare has tutorials and free course access which can be used as per your time pace and availability. Click here to browse their courses. 

I hope I have solved your problem with understanding Motion Graphics and Motion Graphics Designer.