Modern Refrigeration And Air Conditioning By Tuenquist

modern air conditioning refrigeration pdf download

Title: Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Author: Turnquist, Bracciano

Why This Book?

Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning is the HVACR standard for a new generation of learner. Whether you’re in a digital or print, on-ground or hybrid environment, this integrated learning solution will engage students with resource elements including textbook content, an online learning platform, video clips, narrated animations, digital activities, questions, and hands-on lab activities to assess and to reinforce learning based upon the original HVACR industry standard.

  • Changes for this edition include a new Careers chapter, a new Safety chapter, new Service Call Scenario features, technical updates throughout (including microchannel heat exchangers, variable frequency drives, and VRF systems), and over 300 new illustrations.
  • New library of textbook images included in the Online Instructor Resources.
  • Well-designed illustrations engage students and effectively support the excellent blend of theory, skill development, and service information.
  • Correlated to HVAC Excellence and PAHRA accreditation requirements to ensure complete coverage that will prepare your students for career success.
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