Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For GATE CS Exam

GATE is one of the toughest and the most popular competitive exams among the candidates who aspire to secure postgraduate admission in the reputed institution or want to be eligible to apply for PSUs jobs. Since the competition is high and the syllabus is vast, there is a possibility of committing few mistakes during the preparation which may affect your performance in the exam.

So, it is important for the candidates to learn from their mistakes and try not to repeat them to reduce the loss of marks in the actual exam. Every year, more than lakhs of engineering graduates appear for the GATE CS exam, but due to some common mistakes in the preparation, only a tiny fraction could achieve a good rank in the exam. Scroll through this page, to know the common mistakes you should avoid while preparing for the GATE CS exam.

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Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For GATE CS Exam-min

Skipping Important Analysis

Many students start their GATE CS Exam Preparation without analyzing the syllabus and exam pattern thoroughly. Before starting the preparation, it is important to gain in-depth knowledge of the exam structure, important topics, marking scheme, etc. Along with the exam pattern and syllabus analysis, it is important to analyze previous year papers to identify the difficulty level, topic-wise marks weightage, number of good attempts, and the overall competition level to build a preparation strategy for the upcoming exam accordingly.

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Selection of Wrong Study Material

It is true that without the selection of the right books, the preparation may go wrong and can affect your performance in the exam. Choosing the wrong books is one of the biggest blunders during the preparation. In the initial stage, refer to standard books and once you are done with the basic concepts move ahead with the advanced level preparation. You can also enroll in the best GATE CS Online Coaching to get the best books and the study material for the preparation.

Focusing only on Technical Section

Since the GATE CS Syllabus is lengthy and vast, therefore aspirants spend most of their time focusing on the technical papers that they have opted for and avoid regular preparation for General Aptitude and Mathematics papers. This is one of the biggest mistakes made by the candidates during the preparation because it is important to give equal priority to all the sections in order to achieve a high score in the exam,

Lack of Revision

Another common mistake made by aspirants is that they don’t do regular revision during the preparation. They just study the topic once and then don’t revise it often which is wrong as there is a high probability of forgetting important concepts and calculations if you don’t revise regularly. Therefore, it is important to add regular revisions to your study plan. Revise all the covered topics twice or thrice on a weekly basis to retain the important information and avoid any conceptual confusion on or before the GATE exam.

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Solving only Previous Year Papers

It is true that solving the previous year’s paper is one of the best strategies to make your preparation level stronger, but only focusing on the previous year’s papers and ignoring preparation books and study material is the wrong approach. In the first place, you should learn concepts of all the topics from the standard and advanced level books and then solve previous year papers for the practice purpose as it will help you in understanding the exam structure, topic wise marks weightage, and the overall difficulty level of the exam.

Not Maintaining Notes

It is important to maintain notes of the important concepts after studying each topic as it will be helpful during the revision. You will be able to do quick revisions from the notes and will not have to go through the entire GATE CS Syllabus in the week of the examination. This will reduce the wastage of your time and you will be able to utilize the time by practicing more and more questions from multiple sources.

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