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Title:Mechanics of Materials Madhukar Vable


About Madhukar Vable’s Mechanics of Materials:

This book is written keeping civil engineering under graduate students in mind. It is the only book you will ever need in your undergraduate days because it covers almost all the major and minor topics, a college teaches on mechanics of materials. 

From introductory course on mechanics of materials to intermediate course, you will see Professor Madhukar Vable’s experience as well as writing style. 

He uses logic that is accessible to most of the students, making mechanics of materials an interesting learning experience. With a lot of examples in each chapter, a lot of information in an highly organised way make you surely going to love his book. Check below all the topics covered inside the book.

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Topics Covered:

  1. Stress
  2. Strain
  3. Mechanical properties of materials
  4. Axial members
  5. Torsion of Shafts
  6. Symmetric bending of beams
  7. Deflection of Symmetric Beams
  8. Stress Transformation
  9. Strain Transformation
  10. Design and Failure
  11. Stability of Columns
  12. Statics review
  13. Algorithms for numerical methods
  14. Reference Information
  15. Solutions to statics study exam
  16. Answers to quick tests
  17. Answers to selected problems
  18. Formula sheet
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Note: Names of only major topics are mentioned above, as topics list is huge, you will have to go through the book for full information.

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