Mechanical Engineering Project Help and Resources

Mechanical Engineering Project Ideas

Good Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas demand good resources like websites, discussion forums, and apps. These resources not only disseminate knowledge but also offer facilities like designing, modeling, manufacturing, etc. In the works of mechanical engineering students, engineers, and other professionals these resources play an important role in order to achieve good results.

These resources not only help you in the formation of mechanical projects but also enhance your knowledge, groom your personality, and prepare you for interviews and competitive exams.

Here is the list of best websites, questions answers forums, apps, and MOOC platforms that can help to aspire as well as professionals engineers in the making of good Mechanical Projects.

Mechanical Engineering Projects Ideas – 18 Best Resources

Websites: As help resources

All websites facilitate differently but as a whole, they navigate your path of learning by providing relevant learning and hand-on exercise materials on various topics of mechanical engineering:

  • iCrank

A website of mechanical engineering design resources. It performs three main functions. First of all, it offers its own apps that help students in design mechanisms. Secondly, it provides a long list of reference links through which learners can acquire knowledge and practical understanding of all concepts. Lastly, it offers a vendor directory for best suppliers and vendors whose websites contain products and technical information that is needed in this field.

As a whole, it is a helpful resource for mechanical engineering students.

  • ASME

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers is a nonprofit organization that has more than 127,000 engineering professionals as its members. This is a platform that disseminates knowledge in arts, science, and multidisciplinary engineering and promotes skill development. It also provides research opportunities through books, conferences, seminars, and journals for aspiring engineers. This is a globally recognized helping resource for mechanical engineers which provides technical knowledge by attending professional development programs.

  • GrabCAD

This is the largest online community with over 7,310,000 members. Engineers, students, professional designers, and manufacturers share their ideas and CAD models on this platform.

It’s CAD library allows you to download and upload free engineering and designing models. It also avails you a good amount of online tutorials to support your learning. On this platform, companies like NASA, GE, and Stratasys sponsor professional design challenges where community members display their skills and win prizes.

This site offers almost every resource needed for design engineering.

  • Eng-Links

A full-fledged resource that navigates engineering students learning by offering different helping tools. Engineering calculator, reference materials, various resource links, and a lot of information on software available for aspiring engineers.

This website keeps you updated with new technology and innovation through engineering magazines. The main feature of this website is that it tutored learners by pooling web resources at one station for better understanding. For engineering students this is an amazing site that helps them perform well in their assignments and project works.

  • MatWeb

It has a large database to offer over 78,000 searchable sheets of material properties. It covers almost every topic of the mechanical and chemical domain.

This website also posts advertisements from various companies to provide help to the engineering community regarding the creation and maintenance of datasheets, web hosting, and web designing and licensing the searchable database.

MatWeb also has several Calculators and Converters that perform common engineering tasks at the click of a button.

This is the most comprehensive free source of material property database along with a quick search facility.

Discussion Forums: As help resources

Following are the websites-cum-forum which act as mechanical engineering help resources. Professionals answer to your questions and remove all your confusion related to mechanical engineering topics:

  • eFunda

A website that offers numerous resources for aspiring engineers. It imparts knowledge of engineering fundamentals, helps in calculations, and provides solutions to your problems. eFunda also acts as a forum where many engineers volunteer to answer your questions. The best thing about this forum is that it provides very precise and to the point explanation to the technical topic and problems.

This is a helpful resource that imparts knowledge and solve problems related to mechanical engineering.

  • Physic Forum

The Physics forum is a place where all your queries are answered by professionals. It is also one of the best resources for disseminating knowledge regarding mechanical processes and terminology.

This forum holds a huge community of engineers, students, and other professionals who contribute by answering questions with their best of knowledge. This is a helpful site that provides relevant and well-explained answers to all your questions and enhances your knowledge.

  • Eng-Tips Engineering forum

A well-categorized and well-organized forum for the whole engineering fraternity. This forum offers technical designing, manufacturing, and maintenance support. It also provides collaboration tools for solving problems more efficiently. On this platform professionals, engineers and students answer each others’ questions and share their knowledge and experiences in order to run a fruitful discussion.

  • Crazy engineers

This forum comprises a community of professionals engineers and engineering students over 180 countries. It is a rich helping resource for engineering students of all branches. This site provides news updates from the world of technology and rich and useful resource materials. It also conducts real-time quizzes, facilitates discussion, offers tutorials of numerous topics, acts as a project bank where engineering projects of all branches are available for buying and selling. Its professional community members also help engineering students in technical interview preparation.

  • Quora

Quora is another useful forum having a community of large engineering students, engineers, and other professionals. They answer each other’s technical and non-technical questions precisely and accurately. This is a great source of sharing knowledge as well as guidance for mechanical engineering students that regulates their studies and project works.

This is a site that not only answers your questions but also refers to more helpful resources for better knowledge and understanding.

Apps: As help resources

Following apps are helping resources that simplify mechanical tasks and save the time for mechanical engineers:

  • AutoCAD – DWG viewer and editor

AutoCAD mobile is a DWG viewing and editing application that offers simple and efficient drawing and drafting tools. With this app you can view, create, edit, and share DWG files on your mobile whenever and wherever you want.

It also offers advanced technical drawing and editing tools like arc, offset, and more for better performance. Another feature is that it works offline too and syncs your changes when you go online again.

An ideal CAD app for engineers, architects, construction professionals, field technicians, as well as very helpful for engineering students.

  • Interview Mechanical Engineering

This App is the One-Stop that provides solutions to all Mechanical Engineering problems. It impart knowledge regarding various mechanical engineering concepts and also contains a quick guide of questions and answers to check your understanding.

This is a very helpful resource for both mechanical engineering students and mechanical engineering job seekers. The best thing about this app is that all the available content materials and questions answer sets are based on the latest syllabus to brush your knowledge as well as prepare you for impactful interviews.

  • NPTEL: Mechanical Lectures

This free app contains a well-organized collection of mechanical engineering lectures and videos for both engineering students and professors.

This app acts as a guide and disseminates knowledge about all topics in a detailed manner. The best thing about this application is that it updates all NPTEL Mechanical lecture videos on a daily basis.

  • Engineering Unit Converter

This is an inclusive engineering unit converter where the result appears in two spinning wheels ‘From unit’ and ‘To unit’. In this you have to Choose the unit such as length, energy, electric charges, etc. from the given list for converting into others. It is a light weighted app and once downloaded it does not require internet access to use it. It’s a quick processing app with various levels of customization. If you find that any unit is missing from the list you can contact them for the inclusion of that unit in the next update.

This app is a very easy to use and helpful tool for engineering students as well as for professionals engineers.

  • EduQuiz: Mechanical Engineering

This app is specially designed for B.Tech and M.Tech students as well as for aspirants preparing for various competitive exams like IES, GATE, etc. It offers an online test series of multiple-choice questions & summary notes on various topics of mechanical engineering for competitive exams.

It provides more than 2100 questions covering all Mechanical Engineering topics such as Machines, Engineering Materials, Thermodynamics, IC Engine, Fluid Mechanics, Heat transfer, Pressure Vessels & Engines, Production, and Industrial Engineering, etc. This app is a helpful resource that prepares mechanical engineering students for their future.

MOOC platforms: As help resources

MOOC platforms are a rich source of learning for mechanical engineers. These platforms not only disseminate knowledge through online courses but also give chance to learners to use their knowledge by applying on practical projects and assignments.

  • Coursera

Coursera offers free as well as paid online courses from well-known universities for mechanical engineers. The courses range from very basic concepts of mechanical engineering to difficult Machine designing. Some top-rated courses available on Coursera are Converter Circuits, Mechanics of Materials 1: Fundamentals of Stress & Strain and Axial Loading, Fundamentals of Fluid Power, Machine Design part 1, etc.

This platform acts as a mechanical project help resource as it provides theoretical and practical knowledge through which students complete their hand-on projects.

  • edX

edX provides numerous mechanical engineering courses from the world’s best universities like Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, etc. These courses offer learning resources and practical projects which bring expertise to the learners in the mechanical field. Some famous courses which are currently available for mechanical engineering students on edX are Mechanics of Deformable Structures: Part 2, Modeling and simulation of multibody systems, Hybrid Vehicles, Manufacturing Process Control I, etc.

  • MIT OpenCourseWare

This MOOC platform is founded by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It offers a large number of free online courses for mechanical engineering students. Similar to other MOOC platforms, MIT OpenCourseWare courses comprise a great amount of knowledge in that particular area and related hands-on practice for learners. Some most enrolled courses for mechanical engineers are Mechanical Engineering tools, Engineering Dynamics, Design and Manufacturing ||, Numerical Computation for Mechanical Engineers, etc.

There are innumerable MOOCs, websites, forums, and applications available that help in creating a strong base for mechanical engineers. These resources have proven helpful in making good mechanical projects by providing sufficient knowledge, expanding their mental horizons, and developing creative skills. These resources also save time and provide an easy working environment for mechanical engineering students, professional engineers, and other professionals.