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Mechanical engineering is an old school field. It is the concept that includes engineering physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science. Engineers in mechanical department design products to bring about innovations in the world and make it a better place.

Mechanical engineers first created a cart that had wheels. Later on, they designed vehicles, and other products of machines to help people live in a better world.

The branch of engineering came into existence during the 18th century in Europe. This was the time of the Industrial Revolution. There were still some of the subjects that were yet to come. Physics was put forth in the 19th century which led the development of mechanical engineering science.

Mechanical engineers plan, design, create and function engines and other mechanically functioning equipment. Their work also includes maintaining, managing, installing and repairing mechanical equipment such as steam systems, centralizing heat, gas, and water.

What are the core subjects in mechanical engineering?

So there are four major areas in mechanical engineering excluding general.

  1. Manufacturing engineering
  2. Designing engineering
  3. Thermal engineering
  4. Industrial engineering
  5. General

These major areas include major core subjects.

1. Manufacturing engineering

Engineering materials: The science and engineering of materials, materials science and engineering, fundamentals of materials, engineering materials technology, and engineering materials 1 and 2.

Materials science: materials science and engineering – first course, materials science and engineering- 13th edition, elements of materials science and engineering 6e, materials science by G.Narula and materials science 5eise.

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Manufacturing methods: manufacturing engineering and technology, fundamentals of modern manufacturing, learn production simplified fundamentals of composite manufacturing, and introduction to composite materials design.

2. Designing engineering:

Engineering mechanics: introduction to solid mechanics, vector mechanics for engineers, Schaum’s outline of engineering mechanics, mechanics of materials for dummies, and solution of crack problems.

Strength of materials: mechanics of materials books, engineering mechanics of solids, mechanics of materials, and strength of materials book and mechanics of materials book by BC punamia.

Finite elements methods: practical stress analysis with finite elements, an introduction to the mathematical theory of finite elements, the finite element method for solid and structural mechanics, application of implementation of finite element method, finite element analysis of solids, structures, advanced topics.

Design of machine components: mechanical engineering design, machine design data handbook, machine design, machine design an integrated approach, and design of machine elements.

Kinematics and dynamics of machines: rigid body dynamics of mechanism theoretical basis, mechanical vibrations, introductory course on theory and practice of mechanical vibrations, mechanical vibrations by den Hartog, and theory of machines and mechanism.

3. Thermal engineering:

Fluid mechanics- hydraulics and fluid mechanics including hydraulic machines, fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines, an introduction to fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics, and viscous fluid floe.

Thermodynamics- thermodynamics and statistical mechanics intermediate course, fundamentals of thermodynamics, thermodynamics, and thermodynamics an engineering approach.

Applied thermodynamics- fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics, thermodynamics an engineering approach, principles of refrigeration, refrigeration and air conditioning, and applied thermodynamics 1st

Heat and mass transfer- a textbook of heat and mass transfer SI units, mass transfer operations, s chand heat and mass transfer SI units, and fundamentals of heat and mass transfer.

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Computational fluid dynamics- an introduction to computational fluid dynamics applied computational fluid dynamics, introduction to computational fluid dynamics development, application and analysis.

4. Industrial engineering:

Operations management- operations management 5ed ISV, operations management, operations management by gather, operations management 11th edition, and operations management processes and supply chains 11th

Operations research- introduction operation research with revised CD Rom, operations research applications and algorithm, schaum’s outline of operations research, and decision analysis for management judgment.

Total quality management- total quality management 5e by Pearson, total quality management by Vijayan, raving fans a revolutionary approach to customer service, and the Toyota way 14 management principles.

Industrial engineering- operations management paperback, Mynard’s industrial engineering hardcover, designing and managing the supply chain, the new economics for industry, government, education paperback.

Project management- project management by Harvey Maylor, project management by Gary r. Hearkens, project management by peter, and a guide to project management body of knowledge.

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