MBA Capstone Project – How to Write, Types, Format, Examples and Resources

MBA Capstone Project

Terms like Capstone, dissertation, and thesis are often interchangeably used by people for referring to their master’s degree course project. All these terms perform similar actions but also maintain their individuality.

The Capstone project is a part of a master’s degree course in which students pursue independent research on a topic or a problem of their choice. While choosing the topic students to take into account their interest, competence level, professional experience, and exploration of future career options. Under the guidance of faculty mentors or supervisor students produce a substantial paper that displays a deep understanding of their topic.

Capstone project as a whole is both intellectual experience and a medium through which students of any degree course demonstrate their research, analytical, and writing skills.

MBA Capstone Project

The MBA capstone project is usually the two-semester process. Students have to work independently on their chosen topic or problem. The students use their research skills to gather new information and use their reasoning skills to analyze their findings. MBA students’ capstone projects demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of theories and analysis techniques that are being taught during MBA coursework.

The foremost step of working on capstone is the ‘Capstone Proposal’. Students show their capstone proposal outlining the topic they want to research to the mentor. The chosen topic should address a real business problem with a practical solution. It should also navigate students’ intended career paths.

In order to complete the capstone project authentically and objectively. MBA students go for an internship to gain practical knowledge and experience. Students use their practice knowledge and personal experience giving a concrete shape to their capstone.

Students also use their management skills and apply their course’s different methodologies and techniques to the problem for creating an applicable solution that can be implemented for the eradication of that particular problem.

Researchers gather people’s perspectives regarding the topic of the capstone by conducting interviews and poll. They also record their progress in a project journal. Lastly, for grading students should submit their final draft of the capstone and present their research in front of the faculty panel.

How to Write MBA Capstone Project?

Students use different topics and methodologies for the project work. But they have to follow the proper format of writing Capstone Project. Here are the components which are necessary for writing the Capstone project.

Title page

A title paper creates a strong impression and tells what the capstone project is about. It includes a strong and attractive title along with the purpose of conducting the study.


It provides a clear and concise summary of the capstone project, along with its scope, and purpose. It also includes the main area of research and the reason why this research is conducted.

Copyright page

It is an important component whose purpose is to protect your writing from cheating or misusing without your permission.


This is the first part of your capstone project where writers have familiarized readers with topics. He also discussed the kind of techniques or methodologies is implemented to develop the project.

Research methods

The researchers talk in detail about the methods which have been used for conducting the research and collection of data. Interviews, questionnaires, data assessment, and surveys are some useful tools for collecting data.

Research findings

Here the result of the research is clearly displayed. It also states the facts and figures along with the reasoning behind the data received.


Discuss the problem you have faced during the research work. Enlist all the limitations which restrict your research capabilities in any manner.


The conclusion provides the whole gist of your capstone research and analyzes your results. It also highlights the information that your capstone project research added to the field of study.


A bibliography or reference page is an essential component of a capstone project. It enlisted all sources in alphabetical order that contributed to your MBA capstone project.


The purpose of this page is to thank and mention all the people who have provided academic subsistence or provided information and support during research.

Effective Way of  Writing an MBA Capstone Project

In order to make your MBA capstone project writing an effective and efficient process, you have to draft it the given framework or guidelines. Here are some characteristics of writing an MBA capstone project which makes your work more presentable and attractive.


The capstone project gives you a chance to show your creative and analytical skills. In order to maintain originality students should formulate their own perspective about the chosen problem and give a new direction to their research.


In spite of having a mentor, who guides you in your research process, capstone projects give you ample opportunities to work independently. From choosing the topic to serving a conclusion students work on their own and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of their MBA coursework practically.

Appropriate Scope:

The Capstone project takes 10 weeks to two semesters depending on the different universities’ program schedules. It’s an extensive research study to conduct. Students should choose the area for research that has the appropriate scope and career relevance to them. Students also try to make it more realistic by highlighting elements that directly touch our lives.

Orderly & Objective Process of Inquiry:

The MBA capstone project research should be carried out in a well organized and unbiased way. While conducting inquiry students demonstrate their abilities like critical thinking, identifying and selecting information, using data and evidence in the right manner. It also enhances questioning and reasoning power. It also solves problems by using a specific set of tools to derive an objective result.

Intellectual Stretch:

Working on an MBA capstone project stretches the intellectual horizons of the students. Capstone research allows them to explore the area of study and go beyond their potentials to derive a realistic conclusion.

Different types of MBA Capstone Project and Example Topics:

MBA students can work on one of four types of Capstone Project:

Research Dissertation:

This is solely a theoretical MBA capstone project. In this kind of project where students review the literature of business and administration. Highlight theories and concepts and attempt to conduct research that generates new data. It encourages the formulation of new theories addressing the gaps in the present problems in the business literature.

Here are some Research Dissertation’s ideas for your MBA Capstone Project:

· Basic principles of crisis management and business continuity.

· Development of a strategic, financial, and information system for an existing small business.

· An investigation of marketing methods.

· Diagnostic tool in small businesses.

· Improving continual learning at an executive level.

Business Consultancy Project:

In this type of capstone project, students address specific business problems and locate solutions to the client companies.

Projects are sourced from a good range of Multinationals to smaller not-for-profit organizations’ information. This kind of project provides a great experience and value-added outcomes in the business consultancy field.

Here are some Business Consultancy ideas for your MBA Capstone Project:

· How marketing strategies change to avoid offending and harming people.

· Globalization and integration in e-business.

· Study evaluating the feasibility of establishing an international consultancy.

· Measuring customer perception effectively.

· Public relations on corporate firms.

Business Plan:

In this type of MBA capstone project, students prepare a full-fledged plan for a research venture. It incorporates cost, investment, and expected returns of the business. It also reviews the literature of business for creating a link between the course knowledge and practical understanding.

Here are some Business Plan ideas for your MBA Capstone Project:

· Business plan for a new start-up venture, or product.

· How to create an efficient franchising system.

· Business plan to guide the development & implementation of a new strategic business unit.

· Old shopping malls maintaining competition with new ones.

· Reorganizing factory flow in a small manufacturing operation.

Case study

This type of capstone project is meant for analyzing problems of business from its core. These researches reached the conclusion that displays present conditions and future expectations regarding the problem.

Here are some Business and Management Case study related ideas for your MBA Capstone Project:

· Research on when consumers prefer to pay with credit cards.

· How cultural differences between people affect management processes.

· Feasibility and market analysis for a web-based cell phone application.

· Outsourcing of business processes: a review of effectiveness and real costs.

· Key challenges in multinational management and how to approach them.

Online MBA Courses and Capstone Project

Following is the list of some universities which offer online MBA programs and excellent capstone project support. These universities provide you a chance to work under expert professionals. These universities offer opportunities for students to acquire business knowledge and skills at their doorsteps. And also allow students to demonstrate their practical understanding of coursework by applying it in their MBA Capstone project.

· Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University

· Temple University

· Herzing University

· DeVry University

· University of Virginia, School of continuing and professional studies

Order Capstone project

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Capstone Project provides an opportunity for MBA students to develop the ability to identify, research, analyze, and propose a solution to a real problem in the business or administration world. This type of project not only shows students deep knowledge and understanding of the topic but also added valuable weightage to your MBA degree as well as your resume.