Lucent General Knowledge eBook PDF

Title – Lucent General Knowledge

Author : Dr. Vinay Karna

Publisher : Lucent Publications

Lucent General Knowledge eBook PDF 1

About the Book

Lucent General Knowledge is the most popular book in GK book segment among Indian students. It covers almost everything a student need to prepare for the static General Knowledge part. 

This book is mostly sought by the competitive exams aspirants like SSC, Clerical, Bank PO, IAS, Railway and assistant exams.

As it covers almost all the topics asked in these exams every year, the authors made this book available both in English as well as in Hindi. 

The writers used very simple and lucid language keeping in mind every section of students. In addition to this books, there are many books from the Lucent publications, equally popular among students.

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Note : We highly recommend you to buy hard copy of this book. We did not scan or uploaded the book, we are just giving book downloading source present already on the internet. 

This e-book is meant only for those students, who are not capable to buy it. If you are, please give authors their proper credit and buy it online or offline.

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