Livestock Management Online Courses

Livestock management entails managing cattle and supervising farm workers. Livestock management calls for knowledge of animal technology and animal husbandry, in addition to accurate commercial enterprise sense. Many livestock managers have to additionally maintain economic information for his or her operations.

The definition of livestock management is the exercise of efficient, productive, and moral care-taking of any agricultural associated livestock. There are many practices which might be used during livestock manufacturing including synthetic insemination, rotational grazing, castration, weaning, supplementing rations, and administering medicine.

List of The Top Livestock Management Online Courses

1. Associate Diploma in Livestock Management VAG033

It is critical to learn to be smart about what you choose to farm, how and where you farm it, and how you manage the marketing. Modern livestock farmers need to be skilled managers with an understanding of science and technology – and this course can be your pathway to move in that direction.

Jobs and Careers in Livestock Management require highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Improve your job and career prospects – start a course in livestock management today. Study the Associate Diploma In Livestock Management and learn to be a better Livestock Manager.

Course Highlights:

  • Gain an understanding of the science and technology behind modern livestock management.
  • Learn to choose how, what and where to farm.
  • Learn to manage the marketing of your business.

Course Duration: 2 months

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2. Certificate in Livestock Management

Designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to livestock management, this course will cover all aspects from animal biology and health, to nutrition and feed, to pasture management and how to improve your pastures. Upon completion, you will have developed a sound understanding of what it takes to manage livestock in an agricultural enterprise or hobby farm.

Course Highlights:

  • This course was designed to give you an introduction to the basics of animal anatomy and physiology
  • This course introduces animal foods, food components, evaluating food and digestibility for animals, classifying foods and calculating rations
  • This course is designed as an introduction to understanding pasture management, how to grow new pastures and how to improve existing

Course Duration: 13 days

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3. Sustainable Food Production Through Livestock Health Management

There is a growing global need in agricultural production for a workforce that is capable of integrating knowledge of animal health and production with an understanding of consumer preferences in the context of economic reality, business efficiency, and ethical constraint. However, current evidence suggests that there is a growing shortage of people with the knowledge and problem-solving skills required to match the rapid advances being made in animal health, science, and food production. The results of this shortage are wide-ranging and could lead to challenges in food security and agricultural economic competitiveness in some countries. In this course we will explore the effect of infectious disease on sustainable animal-based food production. The content and learning outcomes of this new course will be designed to be relevant across different food production sectors (i.e., beef, dairy, poultry, and pigs).

While the instructors will provide the participants with a strong scientific base for understanding the impact of infectious disease in animal-based food production, the emphasis of the material will be on practical problem-solving and will be directed towards equipping participants with a platform for developing the skills needed to contribute to sustainable food production.

Course Highlights:

  • Learn about the impact of infectious disease on sustainable animal-based food production by understanding the science of growth, immunity, and infection
  • Learn the problem-solving skills needed to advance animal health and food production through optimal management practices.

Course Duration: 19 hours

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4. How to Manage a Poultry Farming Business- Alison

Are you looking to set up your own poultry farming business? This agriculture course explains how poultry farming works and provides all the information and skills you need to get your business up and running. We take you through each step, from setting up the appropriate housing conditions for chickens to ensuring that the best possible eggs are produced. This course focuses on the UK but its principles can be applied anyway to farm birds.

Course Highlights:

  • Outline important facts about the UK poultry industry and various poultry breeds and types
  • Explain how to meet the nutritional needs of chickens
  • Describe the diseases that can affect chickens and the vaccines available to prevent them
  • Analyse the various housing systems and broilers used to ensure high-quality chicken egg production
  • Discuss the different requirements for the farming of ducks and turkeys
  • Explain the different methods and processes involved in the incubation of eggs in poultry farming
  • Describe the process of brooding chicks once eggs have hatched
  • Identify the key requirements of housing chickens and managing the environment to ensure their safety

Course Duration: 1.5-3 hours

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5. Pasture Management Online Course

Pasture management is at the heart of any livestock management. Good pasture not only reduces feed costs and increases profitability and increases productive land but also maintains livestock health by avoidance of toxic plants. Pasture management is relevant for all pastoral animals including cattle, goats, sheep and horses. This course is suitable for both those already managing existing pastures and those who wish to establish successful new pastures.

Course Highlights:

  • Evaluate the potential of given sites for pasture development programs.
  • Explain the procedures used in managing the establishment of pasture.
  • Explain the techniques used in managing pasture which is already been established
  • Assess the commercial and nutritional value of pasture species in the context of farm, animal feed, and determine appropriate ways of managing stock.
  • Develop an appropriate work program for the management of a pasture by a farmer.

Course Duration: 100 hours (12 months)

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6. Certificate in Small Acreage Farming (Livestock) VAG117

The perfect course if you own or operate a small acreage property and want to run a small number of livestock for profit or pleasure! Perhaps you are considering purchasing acreage with a business idea in mind or you could find a small farming enterprise always set up for sale just ready for you to move in and take over?

Develop the skills to manage livestock confidently whilst ensuring their safety and wellbeing on smaller properties. Raising and caring for livestock, even in small numbers, is challenging and rewarding. This course is ideal for the hobby farmer or enthusiast or for those seeking a change of pace or a country life…

Study all you need to know from how to manage the farm as a business, how to ensure the practices are sustainable, how to look after the pastures, know about health care provisions and of course you will study animal husbandry – the everyday tough stuff you will need to know for caring for livestock!

Course Highlights:

  • Pasture Management
  • Animal Husbandry I (Anatomy and Physiology)
  •  Animal Husbandry II (Animal health)
  • Animal Husbandry III (Feed and nutrition)

Course Duration: Self Paced

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7. Livestock Manager – Livestock Production and Management Course

This comprehensive Livestock Manager – Livestock Production and Management Course online course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your chosen field. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to take your career to the next level, this course has covered you.

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding the core concepts and theories in your field
  • Building your knowledge and skills through practical, hands-on learning
  • Developing the ability to think critically and solve problems effectively
  • Enhancing your communication skills and the ability to work effectively with others
  • Gaining a competitive edge in your career and reaching your full potential

Course Duration: 5 hours

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8. Short Course on Feeding Animals

Understand more about animal feeding and nutrition requirements with the 20 hour short course- Feeding Animals. This is a self guided short course that will help you understand the essentials of what is required to feed animals.

This course is designed to provide the reader with knowledge of animal function relating to diet. The Feeding Animals Short Course covers 10 lessons including an introduction to feeding animals and industry opportunities, the composition of feed, forage, concentrates, feed additives, managing feed production and supply, feeding small companion animals and pets, feeding livestock, feeding wildlife and finally eating and nutritional disorders in animals.

Course Highlights:

  • Gives a comprehensive guide to the composition of feed with a detailed exploration of types of feeds
  • How humans work to manage and improve feed supply and production for animal health

Course Duration: 20 hours

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9. Livestock Management Certificate

this course is ideal for individuals who are looking to secure well-paying jobs within the agricultural sector. More specifically, this refers to individuals who either/or/both are interested in acquiring the knowledge necessary to successfully operate a commercial livestock enterprise, for those looking to upskill their current knowledge in regard to pasture management and animal health and for those looking to make an entrance into the industry. This course is also ideal for the development of professionals currently employed in the agricultural sector and who would like to take their career to the next level.

Course Highlights:

  • The key areas of knowledge addressed in the course relate to livestock management in conventional pastoral systems in Australia
  • Focus on developing the skills necessary to analyse and monitor different animal health issues, pastoral growth constraints and several different management structures for livestock systems
  • The processes involved with the planning of year-to-year on-farm operations

Course Duration: 15-20 weeks

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10. Livestock Management in Organic And Biological Agriculture

The module will focus on the importance of integrated systems of livestock management for regenerative agricultural production. Animal nutrition requirements will be appraised with a focus on maintaining condition and health of livestock for optimum output. Pasture production systems including set-stocking, rotational grazing, mob-grazing, and holistic planned grazing will be compared and contrasted. Integrated pest management approaches to prevent and manage common livestock pests and diseases and the challenge of anti-microbial resistance will be an important aspect in the material covered.

Course Highlights:

  • Organic and biological livestock production systems, climate impact, resilience, and human protein needs 
  • Rumen nutrition for balanced dietary intake and optimal meat and milk production    
  • Monogastric pig and poultry nutrition and dietary requirements for optimal field performance and production   
  • Dealing with livestock management transition challenges in organic and biological production systems   
  • Pasture and forage production and management systems to reduce external inputs and associated costs   
  • Integrated pest management and low-stress handling to maintain animal health and welfare   
  • One welfare initiative and sustainable anti-microbial management and use   
  • Policy and regulation related to organic livestock production in the F2F Strategy, the CAP, and the Programme for Climate Action 

Course Duration: 12 weeks

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11. Livestock Management- PSDF

This course helps you to gain knowledge and skills for increasing the milk production of the milking animals, calf rearing (male & female), backgrounding of calves & related topics through theoretical and practical training sessions. The course aims to enhance the profitability of the existing small-scale farming at the village level.

Course Highlights:

  • Identification of breeds and selection of suitable animals
  • Fulfillment of basic housing requirements
  • Animal Identification and record-keeping
  • Feeding, breeding, and housing management of the animals
  • Plan and execute feeding management including fodder preservation through hay and
  • Feedlot fattening at the household level
  • Fattening plan for sacrificial animals on Eid-ul-Azha
  • Breeding management including heat symptoms observation
  • Identification of sick animals and 1st aid treatment

Course Duration: 1.5 months

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12. Livestock Management And Control Short Course

You will gain the skills and knowledge to understand and manage cattle, sheep, horses and goats which includes learning about their behavioural characteristics, welfare requirements, handling and transportation. 

Course Highlights:

  • Understanding the basic behaviour of livestock
  • Understanding their welfare requirements, low stress handling and transportation
  • Using safe work practices
  • Handle, gather and move large animals
  • Assessing the condition of livestock
  • Relocating large animals
  • Completing relevant documentation
  • Complying with legal and legislative requirements 

Course Duration: 4 days

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