An Ultimate Guide to Write Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship

Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship

If you are here, you know well what a letter of recommendation for scholarship is. The problem is how to write, what to write, and how to ask for, right? Well, It is the best thing to put along with the scholarship application and stand a chance to win the scholarship award. It is the letter written in your favor by a specific person.

But who are these people? They may be your –

  • Teacher
  • Professor
  • Colleague
  • Counselor
  • Or any adult member who knows you and your skills as well

1. What is A Letter Of Recommendation?

A letter of recommendation is a letter which is generally written by a person who you have been in contact with or someone who has known you quite a well to recommend you to others for a position, for a job, for the loan, and likewise for a scholarship award.

2. Why A Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship?

We all know that scholarships are the financial aid provided to students to fund their education or support their financial needs. But to win these rewards, students struggle real hard to stand a chance and put forth their financial needs properly.

A letter of recommendation for scholarship is written by a person who is elder to you, but not a family. In this letter, they include your skills, qualifications, nature, etc. that is required in a winning student for the scholarship. And I personally believe that these letters do more help to the application than an application with a recommendation letter.

It is a great way to put forth your scholarship requirement and stand a chance by attaching a recommendation letter. Letter of recommendation for scholarship is one of the best ways to enhance your skills and make the best use of your knowledge. This is eventually going to be helpful for your future plans.

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3. How to Ask for Recommendation Letter for Scholarship?

Firstly, you need to figure out who can help you with the letter. You got to remember the particular teacher, a mentor or a counselor who have known you quite well. Once you figure it out, you may write to them or personally set a face to face meeting.

Few tips to approach for a letter of recommendation for scholarship

  • Give them a call
  • Ask about their health, their well beings
  • Come to the point
  • Tell them you need a letter from them
  • Try to convince since not everybody writes a recommendation letter
  • Ask them for their email Id where you can provide them with your details in case they don’t remember you
  • You may also ask them for a face to face meeting. Ask them to schedule it for you in their free time
  • A personal meeting is far better than an email, but if they don’t stay in the same city anymore, you may email them.

This person can be anyone that can support you in your cause. A school teacher, or a previous college professor, an employer, anybody who is willing to help you with it.

After you have convinced them for the letter, send them your details which may include –

  • Your grade reports for reference
  • Your performance reports
  • Resume if you ever worked
  • A bit about your nature in case they don’t quite remember you properly
  • Your past and present skills, training courses done
  • And most important, why do you need financial aid or a scholarship award in clear crystal words.

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4. How To Write A Letter Of Recommendation For Scholarship?

If you are the person who is writing for the student, here’s how you can go ahead with.

  • The first thing to remember is to go through the scholarship description thoroughly
  • You can ask the student to go through it and explain it to you in a clear language
  • Check on the field requirement of the scholarship – The most important
  • You need to know your student is applying for which scholarship since this will help you put in words that will stand him a chance to win a scholarship
  • For example – if your student is applying for medical school, you will need to mention his interest in science, medical, or related subjects. Similarly, if your student is applying for a literature school, his interest in arts, language, poetry would equally matter, Basically, the interest, skills, and nature should match the field of the scholarship to support his financial needs.
  • Once, this is cleared, you can go ahead with his performances, grades, your experiences with him, and his financial requirements on why does he think he is capable of getting a scholarship reward.
  • This all must include his name, name of the school, your name for the reference, and your contact details for they might call you for the confirmation of the letter.

Hope these tips help you write a great recommendation for scholarship.