Letter Of Recommendation For A Friend – 5 Things to Consider

Letter of Recommendation for a Friend

Tired of looking for someone who would write you a letter of recommendation? Because when it says, ‘for a friend’ we can only remember the best friend who may not even agree to write you a letter.

But now what? Who do I ask? And who is here considered as a friend?

Well, a letter of recommendation for a friend doesn’t really mean that you can only ask your close friends, but there are certain people who are also considered as a friend in your life. Like, a colleague, a mentor, a neighbor, a friend who you have worked with and then a close friend who knows you quite a well.

But before that let me make you understand what this letter of recommendation actually is.

What Is A Letter Of Recommendation For A Friend?

A letter of recommendation for a friend is a reference letter written by someone who has known you, has worked with you like a friend. These letters are usually written to recommend a friend for a job position and is asked by the recruiters.

In this letter, the writer talks about his relation with you, your nature, your skills, qualities and talents that matches with the job profile. Once, you find out a friend who agrees to write you a letter, it becomes easier to get a job position you are looking for.

Key Points –

  • A reference letter.
  • Recommendation for a job position.
  • Written by a colleague, a neighbor, a mentor, or somebody who you consider as a friend.

Why A Letter Of Recommendation?

When we apply for a position, a job profile or a scholarship, we are often asked to get a recommendation letter. That is because the company or the organization can figure out whether you are capable of it or not.

To find out your capability for the benefit of their company, they ask for a recommendation letter. This recommendation letter can be written by anyone as I have mentioned earlier – a mentor, a friend, a counselor, etc.

Who Do I Consider From Many Friends?

Well, this can be a common query because we meet many people, and few of them become our friends. So, it may get difficult to figure out which one to consider.

However, in such cases, you can do a brainstorm and list down two to three friends who have known you the best. Like they know your quality, your skills, your nature and who you will not have to brief about yourself so it gets easier for them to write you a recommendation letter.

Once, you have listed down the best ones, you may reach out to them about the same.

How Do I Tell My Friend About The Recommendation Letter?

Firstly, give him a call or a message. If possible ask them out for a meeting or if they are really very close, then you may have a conversation over the call.

  • Talk About their well-being
  • Tell them you are applying for a position
  • Talk about the position
  • Tell them how much interested you are in it
  • Then that you are requiring a recommendation letter from a friend
  • Try to convince them to be the writer
  • Tell them that you could only think of them since they have known you better than anyone else
  • Once they get convinced, your work is done

The conversation can happen over a call or in the meeting as you find most comfortable. Just make sure to convince them calmly because it means to invest time in writing a letter which not everybody agrees to. So, you know what you need to do here.

What All Should Be Included In A Letter Of Recommendation For A Friend?

1. Relation

At the beginning of the letter, the writer first has to mention who is he and what relation he has with you so the employers know the reference.

2. Purpose

Then with the flow, the writer needs to mention the purpose of writing the letter. For example –

“My name is Rahul Shah, an editor at a publishing house. I am writing to you to refer a friend who is applying for a position in your company.”

3. Details

Once the introduction is done, you can go ahead with who is Rahul and why are you recommending him for the position. Basically, why do you think he is the best suited?

4. Reference

The letter must also include an incident or a situation that proves the skills, quality and behavior of your friend, which also proves that why he should get this job in the first place.

5. A closure

The letter should at least have three main paragraphs and a closure. Closing must be done neatly that goes along with above content. And the whole letter supports the description of the job posiiton.

6. Contact details

At the end, in the left corner or the top left corner, you must include your contact details since employers may contact you to confirm about the recommendation letter you wrote for a friend.

Things to remember –

  • Start the research earlier
  • Send out request to best ones
  • Convince them earlier to submission date
  • Collect extra recommendation letters for different positions
  • Make sure you provide relevant and authorized information

These are all required for a letter of recommendation for a friend. Early research on who to request would do a better job is what I suggest. Wish you the best and you can read more of our such articles directly from our blog – Eduinformer.com