The Lessons In Electric Circuits by Tony R. Kuphaldt

The Lessons In Electric Circuits by Tony R Kuphaldt

Title: The Lessons In Electric Circuits

Author: Tony R. Kuphaldt

License: Design Science License

Book Description:

The Lessons In Electric Circuits by Tony R. Kuphaldt is a free 6 volume series of textbooks focusing on topics of electricity and electronics.

It is a collection of lecture notes and ideas compiled over time, with the primary focus on putting together fantastic information of industrial electronics in a way that is readable and understandable to the college students and also at a more affordable price.

This book is a great read and, the math is not too deep, it has been simplified for the students to be able to comprehend the context without taking out any important information.

Despite the fact that the book strives to preserve technical accuracy in all of its content, the subject depend is extensive and harbors many possible dangers–power maims and kills without provocation, and deserves the utmost respect.

The readers are strongly encouraged to do experiments with circuits powered by small batteries in which there may be no threat of electrical shock, fireplace, explosion, and many others possible dangers posed. High-power circuits must be left to the care of educated specialists!

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