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Title : Learning Python

Author : Mark Lutz

Edition : 5th (Latest Edition)

Publisher : O’Reilly

File Type : PDF

Pages : 1594


Leaning Python Description:

Learning Python is one of the best books on Python by Mark Lutz and published by O’Reilly. Perfect for absolute beginner as well as intermediate level, this book is up to date and you will not need any reference book because the author tried to answer almost every question inside the book.

Mark Lutz started programming on Python when he was 5 years old and dedicated his whole life teaching Python. So, there is very less chance that you will not find the answer of your Python elated queries inside the book. The author tried his best to eliminate every confusion, you will feel his experience while reading this book.

Learning Python is lengthy for a reason that it covers every topic in detail and author’s emphasis is on step by step Python teaching. If you are keen to dive into the world of Python, this book is almost perfect to start with; if your ambition is to become a master in programming, you may need other books and tutorials. We have listed best Python books and Python Tutorials (Online and Offline) according to level of Python here Python Tutorials – Best Free Programming Resources .

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Note : This edition has been brought up to date with Python releases 3.3 and 2.7, and has been expanded substantially to reflect current practice in the Python world. It means, you can use both Python 2 and Python 3 for writing Python codes.

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