Best Online Courses for Learning Python: Updated (2020)

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If you are a beginner to coding or programming, you probably know that Python is the first programming language you are taught.

This open source creation can be read even if you have only a passing knowledge of computer science.

It is currently the most popular programming language in the world and has applications in various disciplines, from scientific research to gaming, from robotics to artificial intelligence.

Python has been around since the 1980s. What makes Python so versatile and reliable that it enjoys enduring appeal? Let us find out!

  1. Python is like spoken English. The syntax is thus easy to understand.
  2. Python is focused on readability of code so that the amount of code you need to write for an operation is smaller compared to other languages. This makes it easy to spot mistakes and troubleshoot.
  3. Python is simple to use but at the same time, it is a high level programming language. This is why it is the preferred language of almost all IT domains including Cloud computing, software testing, Hadoop and big data, mobile testing, data science, infrastructure automation, and web development.
  4. Python code can be operated across platforms, that is, it can be used to create programs and troubleshoot problems on Mac OS, Linux and Windows OS with equal ease.

Are you excited yet? Do you want to know how you can get in the action? Luckily, the internet offers some amazing online courses in Python to get you started. You can have a prior knowledge of computer science, or you may be a rank newcomer. Read on to find the best course that fits your specifications.

Best courses to get you started in Python

A Byte of Python by Swaroop C. H.

This is the go to book for an absolute beginner to Python. No other course or tutorial includes as much hand holding. At the same time, experienced programmers too will have much to learn here.

The book is available free online and focuses on Python version 3. The more widely used Python version 2 is also covered.

The concepts are elucidated with self explanatory examples

This book is much loved and reviewed by people around the world

w3schools – Learn Python

w3schools offers complete in depth coverage of Python from theory to applications. It has been tailored for beginners.

The course is complete free and fully uploaded online.

Instead of videos, it relies on short tutorials followed by examples to make it point

Apart from Python,  HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP and Bootstrap also have their own tutorials.

Tutorials Point – Python Course

This completely free course is divided into two parts – for beginners and for more advanced students.

The student is expected to have a solid foundation in computer programming and a thorough understanding of its terminologies

Each topic has been explained and then elucidated via an example.

It also has student resources: a quick guide, tools and utilities, questions and answers and a discussion forum.

Udemy – Complete Python Bootcamp

This is the best course for a beginner as it transitions slowly from absolute basics to more advanced topics at the professional level. You may or may not have any prior programming knowledge. If you are a programmer who wants to add Python to your skills, this course can help you as well.

The course will be taught with almost twenty hours of videos and nearly one hundred lectures. This makes it most comprehensive. It also focuses on practical applications and students are required to complete practice assignments.

The course syllabus covers usage of Object Oriented programming, Python data structure, and types, if statements, loops, how to apply Jupyter Notebooks and standard mathematical operators. In later lectures, you will be working with timestamps, creating GUIs, creating your own game versions of BlackJack and Tic Tac Toe.

Udemy – The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications

The USP of this course is its extensive practical applications of Python using real world simulation.

This course is suitable no matter how much or how little of computer science and programming you know.

The coverage is in depth as the student will be creating more than ten applications on a vast variety of areas such as database applications, desktop applications, web programming, and image processing among others.

In the first stage, the course begins with basics such as loops, strings, mathematical operators and variables, proceeds to file handling and run time errors. After this stage, the first practical application will include fixing bugs and loading json data.

In the second stage, you will learn about the two most popular libraries NumPy and Panda which are greatly employed in the Artificial Intelligence sector. You will be working with data sets and crunching numbers.

In the third stage, you will be focused on internet based problems such as interacting with a back end database, building web applications from scratch, building a website from scratch and scraping website data.

A large variety of interactive student resources are also provided with lifetime access such as more than twenty three hours of on demand video, seventy articles, twenty coding exercises, and forty nine downloadable study materials.

Google’s Python class

The course is completely free and part of Google’s education initiative.

This course is again perfect for beginners and it is provided by Google, to boot! Google uses the same study materials it provides within the company to update the knowledge and skills of its employees.

The prerequisites are a strong foundation in if statements and variables.

The course provides lecture videos and written materials, but the standout feature is the focus on practicing coding in Python by assigning regular exercises.

The course covers lists and strings and proceeds to creating new programs from scratch for managing HTTP connections, reading text files and dealing with processes.

Although not certificate is provided on completion, the knowledge itself is invaluable and you can still list it on your resume.

Udemy – The Complete Python 3 Course: Go from Beginner to Advanced!

The intended audience here is students who might be new to programming or new to Python.

The prerequisites are a computer, basic computer skills, and fast internet connection. The student is expected to be self motivated and curious to learn.

The first part of the course covers loops, strings, branching, data types, expressions, and comments.

The second part covers objective oriented programming, NumpPy library, and data visualization.

The third part covers advanced topics such as regular expressions and debugging.

The course consists of seventy three lectures of nearly eight hours and offers a decent lecture preview video.

Treehouse – The Python track

The course is intended for absolute beginners and places a strong emphasis on building a strong foundation in the basics first.

The teacher is an absolute Python expert, a creator of some hugely popular Python libraries and a full stack developer.

The course covers object oriented programming and Python collections, followed by regular expressions, handling dates and time, and writing code from scratch.

A key takeaway from this course is unit testing. It is a very significant portion of effective software development and not covered in any of the previous courses.

Once you complete the above, you can move on to more advanced courses:

Udemy – Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Programming

Udemy – The Python Bible – Everything You Need to Program in Python

Udemy – Data Science, Deep Learning, & Machine Learning with Python – Snakify

Python is so widespread that everyone from startups to Fortune 500 companies apply it every day. Biggies such as Amazon, Google, Dropbox, Quora, Pinterest, NASA, Reddit, Apple, and IBM are just some examples.

A fresher in this field can expect to earn about $70,000 per annum if he or she is working in a developed country. Even if you are not focused on a computer science career, knowing the basics of Python can tilt the balance in your favor.