Learn Python The Hard Way by Zed A. Shaw

Title -Learn Python the Hard Way: A Very Simple Introduction to the Terrifyingly Beautiful World of Computers and Code

Author: Zed Shaw

Publisher:  Addison-Wesley Professional

Edition: 3rd, Pages – 320

File Type :  PDF

Language: English


  • About Learn Python The Hard Way :

Zed Shaw has introduced thousands of students to Python and fulfilled their dream to become a python programmer. The book ” Learn Python The Hard Way” by the author is highly popular due to perfect style of teaching python. While going through 52 amazing exercises, you will get to know what python is; how python programming works; how to read and write python programming and how to become a master. 

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  • Topics Covered in Learn Python The Hard Way eBook :

  1. The Setup
  2. A Good First Program
  3. Comments and Pound Characters
  4. Numbers and Maths
  5. Variables and Names
  6. More variables and Printing
  7. String and Text
  8. More Printing
  9. Printing, Printing
  10. Printing, Printing, Printing
  11. What was that?
  12. Asking Questions
  13. Prompting People
  14. Parameters, Unpacking, Variables
  15. Prompting and Passing
  16. Reading Files
  17. Reading and Writing Files
  18. More Files
  19. Names, Variables, Codes, Functions
  20. Functions and Variables
  21. Function and Files
  22. Function can return something
  23. What do you know so far?
  24. Read Some Code
  25. More Practice
  26. Even More Practice
  27. Test
  28. Memorizing Logic
  29. Boolean Practice
  30. What if
  31. Else and if
  32. Making Decisions
  33. Loops and Lists
  34. While- Loops
  35. Accessing elements of lists
  36. Branch and Functions
  37. Designing and Debugging
  38. Symbol Review
  39. Doing Things to lists
  40. Dictionaries
  41. Modules, Classes and Objects
  42. Learning to speak Object Oriented
  43. Is-A, Has-A, Objects and Classes
  44. Basic Object Oriented Analysis and Designing
  45. Inheritance Vs. Composition
  46. You Make A Game
  47. A Project Skeleton
  48. Automated Testing
  49. Advance User Input
  50. Making sentences
  51. Your First Website
  52. Getting input from a browser
  53. The start of your web game.
  54. For detailed information on topics, read book.
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  • How to Set Up a Python Development Environment?

 Before trying out programs written in the book, you will need Python and a Python Interpreter installed in your PC or laptop.

 First, to install Python, you will have to visit and download the below software (Install both of them).

 Python (Install Python 2.0)

 For interpreter, there are many interpreters available and they are generally small programs, so it will take hardly a minute to get your computer python configured. Here are some that you can download and install.

 1. PyDev  ( To use PyDev, you must install Eclipse too in addition to Python, Download Eclipse here)

 2. iPython

 3. PyScripter

 4. PyCharm

 5. EricPython

 Don’t want to mess up with these software? You can do Python Programming online on  Codeskulptor. Open Codeskulptor.org

 How to Download Learn Python The Hard Way PDF?

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