11 Best Jobs Without a College Degree – That Pay High Salary


It happens that we are unable to complete a degree or pursue any course because of certain reasons in life. It also happens that we get into the wrong path and field which leads us to take a drop-off and figure out what can be done now. And these jobs without a college degree mostly work in the cases of women who get married and are unable to study, had financial issues etc.

A degree holds a lot of importance in one’s life. It defines your learning experiences and progress. So if you get a job that doesn’t require a degree will surely ask you to train yourself along with the job.

A certification, extracurricular course so you get to know the field, their work environment, experiences, etc.

Here are some highly-paid best jobs without a college degree

1. Computer Support Specialist

A computer support specialist is a technician who helps users with the use of the computer, problems with computers, networks, printing and scanning issues, etc.

Computer support specialists are known by various names including computer network support specialists, computer user support specialists, help desk technicians, and IT consultants.

Computer Support Specialist- Jobs Without a College Degree

They provide customer support and in-house support to the organization’s IT staff. Moreover, the job insight for this profession is ultimate. There’s an eleven per cent growth by 2026.

Salary insights:

  • The average salary of a computer user support specialist is $50,210
  • The average salary of a computer network support specialist is $62,340
  • There are around 835,300 computer support professionals working for users and the organization’s customers.

2. Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists provide dental health care to the patient. Their main job includes cleaning the teeth and providing preventative measures to maintain a patient’s oral health.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are in the utmost demand. Everybody of us goes through tooth problems which can be treated by dental hygienists. They encourage people for healthy lifestyles by promoting dental care to their patients.

Salary insights:

  • An average salary of a dental hygienist is $74,820. This may, however, depend on the experience of the dental hygienist.
  • They earn $34.03 hourly
  • $3,500 commission and $1,025

3. Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

One of the recommended jobs without a college degree is of Medical records and health information technician. They maintain and process health-related information to make sure the quality, requirements, and processes are maintained.

Medical Records and Health Information Technicians

They work with other medical caretakers to gain information on patients’ health care, and medical reports to maintain records.

Moreover, they compile and arrange data for medical’s registers and books. Along they ensure and maintain the confidentiality of patients’ records.

The job outlook for medical records and health information technicians is said to be increased by 11 per cent by 2028.

Salary insights:

  • `An average salary of medical records and health information technicians is $26,000
  • Medium-Level medical records and health information technicians earn $36,000
  • And a senior professional earns $56,000

4. Respiratory Therapists

Respiratory Therapists- Jobs Without a College Degree

Respiratory therapists help patients with their breathing problems and provide emergency services to patients going through heart attacks and shocks.

They treat patients from infants with undeveloped lungs to old age patients having lung problems or lung disease. They examine patients with cardiopulmonary disorders and treat them.

The job outlook for a respiratory therapist is predicted to increase by 23 per cent by 2026 and anyone can opt for these jobs without a college degree

Salary insights:

  • The average salary of a respiratory therapist starts from $49,395 per year. (Glassdoor)

5. Web Developer

Whether it’s a small business or medium-sized business, everyone wants their business online today and for that, they need a good website.

Website development is done by professional web developers or you can develop one for yourself if you have the required skills. 

It is one of the fastest-growing careers or jobs without a college degree that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, for clients all over the world.

Web developers create, design and function websites for customers. They mainly work for organizations, individuals and companies. They are mostly self-employed.

Web development requires a general understanding of designing and creating websites. You may focus on one of the skills and get experienced as web developers are of too much help during projects.

Salary insights:

  • The average salary of a web developer is $68,524. (Glassdoor)

6. Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants provide company support. They help maintain records, and accounts, conduct research, prepare reports and handle information.

Administrative Assistants

Administrative assistants also help in arranging meetings, calls, appointments, conferences, and events for the company.

They might also provide assistance to only one person in the company or to the whole team. It depends on the requirements of the company.

Salary insights:

  • An average salary of an administrative assistant starts from $44,285 per year. (Glassdoor)

7. Radiology Technicians

Radiology technicians do the job of performing x-ray procedures.


They help patients with the x-ray procedure and take x-rays. They maintain x-ray equipment. Radiology technicians ensure the performance of equipment whether it is working well or not.

However, their work is critical to perform. This requires an associate’s degree but has certificates programs of one to two years too.

Salary insights:

  • The average salary of radiology technicians is $65,000 per year (Glassdoor)

8. Service Delivery Analyst

A service delivery analyst analyses the user experience for products delivered.


They ensure of the delivery provided was efficient or not. They ensure high-quality service while providing service to users.

This profession generally requires three years of experience in the company along with knowledge about the system or software they make use of.

Service delivery analysts use different software to track the quality of the service and maintain efficiency.

Salary insights:

  • Salary service delivery analysts range from $48,000 to $68,000. (Glassdoor)

9. Licensed Practical Nurse

A registered nurse is a health caretaker of a patient.


They maintain health professionally. Nurses are well-skilled in providing the best healthcare and promoting it as well. A number of Nurses are becoming registered Nurses to provide better health care.

Moreover, it is also been seen that there are more Nurses maintaining health than in any other profession. They are twice in reality.

One can become a licensed practical nurse without a college degree. However, a registered nurse requires a bachelor’s degree.

Salary insight:

  • An average salary of a licensed practical nurse is $47,710
  • They earn $3,876 monthly, $879 weekly and $21.98.

10. Occupational Therapist Assistant

Occupational therapist assistants work under the supervision of occupational therapists.


Their work includes ensuring the function and progress of a patient as directed by the occupational therapist.

They create and maintain documentation of patients’ progress. Occupational therapist assistants instruct patients and their families about their plans under the supervision of occupational therapists.

Salary insight:

  • Occupational therapist assistants’ salary ranges from $48,970 to $70,770.
  • An average salary of an occupational therapist assistant is $59,310.

11. Transportation Inspectors

Transportation inspectors do the job of handling modes of transportation for travellers. They ensure the availability of planes, roadways, railways, etc.


They also make sure that safety is maintained for passengers during the journey.  Transportation inspectors need to have a mechanical understanding of handling transports in dangerous situations.

Specialized training is required sometimes. Otherwise, experience in the field is required.

Salary insights:

  • The average salary of a transportation inspector is $73,780
  • 4% growth is expected.

Jobs without a college degree are many. The more you search, the different jobs you will come across. But, the jobs without a college degree mentioned in this article are the best 12 that we have included for you.

We are sure that you will be highly benefited from it if you choose one of the jobs and stay consistent with it. Thank you.